Perfume atomizers or sprayers make using perfume both convenient and easy. It likewise helps to mitigate waste and also mess by only applying a light misting of fragrance exactly where you desire it. This sprayers work far better than timeless perfume bottles due to the fact that they just spray perfume in the spot friend want, rather than the neighboring areas.

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They space ideal because they are small and an extremely portable do it basic to rod in her purse or take through you as soon as traveling. 

Benefits of Perfume Atomizers

Perfume atomizer bottles enable the user to use the product with far better control and less mess. Perfume oils or crucial oils can come to be messy when applying them v your fingers and also can gain on your clothing or various other surfaces. One atomizer, i beg your pardon is attached straight to the bottle, stays clear of spoilage and evaporation of high-quality perfumes. 

Another benefit is that atomizers space perfect for strong perfumes and fragrances since they allow you to spray a very little amount. 

Using an atomizer also enables you to develop your own custom scent. Even if it is you are using essential oils or fragrance oils you deserve to mix and also match to make a perfume that is perfectly suitable to you.

How execute Perfume Atomizers Work?

Classic fragrance atomizers used a squeeze pear to keep air the moved conveniently over the feeder tube when squeezed. The bulb had actually two one-way valves situated at one of two people end. As soon as the bulb was depressed, the valve leading into the pipe is required open by air pressure while the valve causing the outside is traction closed. When the pear is released, the rubber inside returns it to its original shape, closeup of the door the valve resulting in the tube, and also opening the valve to the external so that air can refill the bulb.


Today, atomizers have actually a bottle with a tube the is connected to a nozzle. When the nozzle is involved or pressed, the releases a small amount the spray v it. Atomizers mix oxygen and also liquid perfume to develop a well mist, enabling you to relax a small amount of perfume. As soon as the air flow pulls few of the liquid the end of the reservoir and mixes it v the airflow, the liquid division up into drops exposed in the air, every of which has actually the same proportion of oil, alcohol, and also water.

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How to to fill a Perfume Atomizer?

Filling a perfume atomizer is easy! every you must do is eliminate the nozzle and tube; then to water the perfume into the atomizer bottle. After you’ve filled increase the bottle, girlfriend simply need to place the cap ago onto the bottle and also it’s ready to use! 

Ninon USA Atomizers and Sprayers

Ninon atomizers come in a selection of styles and also sizes depending on your needs and preference. Our 15ml purse spray/atomizer comes in either silver or gold. We likewise offer larger atomizers v our 1/2 Oz Round shape Bottle with Spray or our 1 Oz Diamond form Bottle with Spray. 

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