Reversing valves for warm pumps. In this video clip we’re walk to it is in looking in ~ the 4 port reversing valve, which is offered in warmth pumps. This is a an important component in the warmth pump system, and this is what enables the refrigerant to reverse its flow to carry out both heating and also cooling modes.

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Front check out of reversing valve
Back see of reversing valve

Above is a 3D model of a reversing vale which us will use to describe the working ethics of the valve. Together you have the right to see, in the centre is a cylinder which is the valve body. To run from this perpendicular to the valve body room 4 pipes, 3 along the bottom and one top top top. This pipes room the clues of entry/exit for the refrigerant.

Behind the key body space some capillary pipe which connect to opposite ends of the key body and also the upper and also lower pipes. Coming off the capillary pipe is a solenoid valve and also solenoid coil. We’re going to talk about the purpose of every one of these parts.

Looking within the reversing valve through a section view, above. We check out inside the central valve body a black color “U” shaped bodied object which is mounted inside a steel slider. The slider will move from next to side and move the U shaped body which is offered to straight the refrigerant around the refrigerant circuit.

Solenoid valve slider

To move the main body slider, we use one more sliding “U” shaped body which sits within the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve slider is forced by a spring into the common position however once the solenoid coil in energised it will produce a magnetic ar which will pull the slider come the other side the the valve, allowing the refrigerant to adjust direction in ~ the solenoid. This will affect the slider in ~ the key body.

Reversing valve, solenoid energised – Cooling Mode

When the solenoid coil is energised, it will produce a magnetic ar which will pull the solenoid slider over to the left side. The warm refrigerant, native the compressor, will enter via the peak pipe and flow right into the central main valve body. Several of this high pressure will flow into the capillary tube, with the solenoid and down into the right many side that the key valve body. This will pressure the key slider end to the left hand side. The hot refrigerant which is entering via the peak pipe will as such flow right into the key valve body and also exit via the lower left pipe. From over there it will head come the the end unit whereby it will refuse the systems heat and also go off to carry out cooling.


When the reversing valve activate in heater mode. The solenoid coil in de-energised and so the inner spring forced the solenoid valve slider end to the right. The high push refrigerant will get in via the optimal pipe and head towards the main valve body. Some of the refrigerant will flow into the solenoid via the capillary tube. This will certainly then circulation into the left many side the the of the key valve slider, forcing the key slider to move to the right most side. The warm refrigerant then enters via the optimal pipe and flows out via the reduced left pipe and off into the indoor unit to provide heating.

When the reversing valve operates in heater mode. The refrigerant will leave the compressor and head come the reversing valve. That will go into via the peak pipe and also exit via the reduced right pipe. From there it top to the at home unit wherein it will carry out heating come the room. It will certainly then flow along to and through the check valve, the next examine valve will certainly not let it happen so the refrigerant will circulation instead v the growth valve. From there it will circulation into the the end unit and pickup much more heat. It will certainly then flow into the reversing valve again however the main slider will straight it back into the compressor.

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When the revering valve operates in cooling mode. The refrigerant will leave the compressor and also head come the revering valve. It will certainly be diverted the end the lower left pipe and also flow right into the out unit whereby it will provide up some of it’s thermal energy. That the flows v the examine valve however the second check valve won’t allow it come pass v so it’ll go via the expansion valve and into the indoor unit come pickup the unwanted heat and also thus providing cooling. From there it flows back into the revering valve wherein it’s directed ago into the compressor to finish he cycle.