If you room performing a major home innovation on any type of of the living locations in your home, the is essential that you recognize the National electric Code (NEC) rules for the placement of electric receptacles (outlets). This write-up is based upon the NEC 2002 code. Act the electric work as a DIY home handyman walk not eliminate the require for you to follow any and also all codes and rules.

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The NEC basically states that within any living area that a home, you must have actually an electrical receptacle (outlet) 6 feet from any type of obstruction or rest in the wall, such as a doorway, and no more than 12 feet from the previous electric receptacle (outlet), figure 1.

Figure 1 - Spacing of electric outlets follow me a wall

The 6 / 12 dominance are minimums and also in theory there is no reason within the code that you could not have an electrical receptacle (outlet) every foot throughout the wall space.

Living locations are generally identified as:

living room,grand room,bedroom,dining room,play room,family room,library,study,den,home office,enclosed sun roomkitchen area that is void that countertops

Nonliving areas are generally identified as:

garage,unfinished basement,stairwell,laundry room,workshop,hallway,bathroom,closet,utility room,foyer,

For clarification the following diagram shows the distinctions in the number and also position of electric receptacles (outlets), relative to wall surface length and also an obstruction, in this instance a doorway, number 2.

Figure 2 - electrical outlet spacing in a room

On the wall that is 11 feet long, there is no the door, the code requires 1 electrical receptacle (outlet) as that receptacle (outlet) is no much more than 6 feet from one of two people perpendicular wall.

On the opposite wall surface there is a doorway in the facility of the wall. The code requires that we have actually an electric receptacle (outlet) no more than 6 feet indigenous the edge of the wall and no more than 6 feet from an obstruction - the doorway. To accomplish code requirements we have actually placed an electrical receptacle (outlet) in the center of both of the wall surfaces that abut the doorway - 2 feet from the door in both directions and also 2 feet indigenous the wall surface on both directions.

On the wall that is 18 feet long, the code calls for 2 electric receptacles (outlets).

In the upper part of the number 2 diagram we have actually placed 2 electrical receptacles (outlets) 6 feet from one of two people perpendicular wall. This leaves a distance of 6 feet between the electric receptacles (outlets). Hence the positions of the electrical receptacles (outlets) room within the code.On the lower part of the figure 2 diagram us have additionally placed 2 electric receptacles (outlets) 4 feet from either perpendicular wall. This pipeline a distance of 10 feet between the electric receptacles (outlets), which is also within the code requirements.

The 6 foot rule is based on the size of cord offered with living area tools such as floor and table lamps, televisions, music systems and computers.

As lengthy as you use the 6 / 12 dominance as a minimum reminder you will be in ~ code. However, that is essential to think about the location of tools within the room and readjust the actual position of the electric receptacles (outlets) accordingly.

Additional details on electrical layouts for enhancements and basements.

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Additional information on electrical receptacles (outlets) and switch crate positioning

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