The Gulf that Mexico is home to few of the world"s most beautiful pristine white-sand beaches, offering an ext than 1,680 miles of coastline along its united States shoreline area. Plenty of top-ranked beaches and resort towns space easily available as day trips indigenous Tallahassee, offering urban dwellers with methods to swim, boat, and enjoy water sporting activities on along the Gulf"s unsurpassed turquoise waters. Hours/availability may have changed.

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Bald point State Park is the closest coast to downtown Tallahassee, located at Alligator allude on the Ochlockonee River close to U.S. Highway 98. The state park is a well-known wildlife the town hall area, house to a wide range of wading and shorebird species, including bald eagles and also other moving raptor species. 2 public-access swim beaches are readily available along Apalachee Bay, i beg your pardon are popular spots for kayaking, canoeing, and also windsurfing transparent the summer months. The park is likewise a optimal spot for fishing in the Tallahassee area, providing a fishing dock and area for coastline fishing. Nature trails meander through the park"s 4,065 picturesque acre of herbal habitat, through picnic areas obtainable for relaxing and also observing the scenery.146 Box reduced Rd, Alligator Point, FL 32346, Phone: 850-349-9146

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Cape san Blas is among the ideal day-trip vacation spots near Tallahassee, located along the St. Joseph Peninsula roughly 10 mile from the town of port St. Joe. The cape, i m sorry was previously used as a Confederate Saltworks facility throughout the American polite War, is home to Dr. Beach"s best beach that 2002, located within the beautiful T.H. Rock Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. Mile of pristine white sands attract swimmers, snorkelers, and also sunbathers transparent the year, with expansive follow me of high sand dunes and also pine scrub because that kayakers and canoers to watch from the water. Fishing, hiking, cycling, and birdwatching are additionally common activities at the park, which is house to an ext than 240 native and also migratory bird species. Historical attractions include the Cape san Blas Lighthouse, created in 1883. Pet-friendly vacation rentals are easily accessible for overnight stay, and a variety of family-operated restaurants offer up few of the area"s ideal fresh seafood dishes.8899 Cape mountain Blas Rd, harbor St Joe, FL 32456, Phone: 850-227-1327

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Carrabelle beach is a exciting white sand coast located directly west of the city the Carrabelle, i m sorry is easily obtainable from Tallahassee via U.S. Highway 98. The coast is a popular family-friendly summer spot because of its shielding from strong gulf currents by the barrier island Dog Island, producing calm water problems for young ones come wade and also swim safely. Though the beach"s center section can acquire quite crowded throughout the summer months, ample room is usually found along its outer portions also at optimal times. Beachgoers can spot dolphins and shorebirds native the beach"s shores throughout the year, with huge populations of migratory birds frequenting the beach during the spring and autumn months. Picnic shelters v barbecue grills are available for visitor work use, in addition to restroom facilities and also outdoor showers. Nearby, the Crooked flow Lighthouse and also Museum preserves the area"s naval history, if Old Carrabelle Beach provides spectacular romantic sunrise and also sunset views and also prime fishing problems

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Grayton beach State Park is a beloved Florida state park spanning 2,200 acres, situated near the unincorporated neighborhood of Grayton Beach, about two and also a half hours from Tallahassee"s city center. The park, i m sorry was opened up to the public in 1968, is just one of the state"s most well-known park facilities, keeping the state"s second-largest seaside dune lake, western Lake. Some of the joined States" many pristine beachfront locations offer crystal-white sands, clean turquoise waters, and excellent avenues for swimming, snorkeling, and also fishing. Kayaking, canoeing, and also boating are well-known throughout the warmer months, offering unparalleled see of salt marsh and also sea oat dune habitats ~ above the shore. Travellers can likewise enjoy hiking and also wildlife watching avenues in the park"s interior, with overnight cabin rentals easily accessible at the park"s 2nd unit, located one mile west that the main unit.357 key Park Rd, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459, Phone: 850-267-8300

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Panama City coast is a charming beachfront town in only County, located about two and also a half hours east of Tallahassee top top the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico waterfront. The well-known resort area insurance claims to be home to the "World"s most Beautiful Beaches," offering much more than 27 miles of stunning white sand beaches transparent its greater urban area. Calm, clear waters do for fantastic swimming conditions, through opportunities offered throughout the year for water sporting activities such together parasailing, boating, and diving. Canoeing, fishing, and also biking are renowned at the protected nature to make reservation St. Andrew State Park, when ecotourism methods abound in ~ the 185-acre Camp Helen State Park. In ~ the city center, tourists can dine at nightlife institutions such as Schooner"s Last local Beach society or shop in ~ the eclectic Pier Park open-air retail complex, which is residence to attractions such together an IMAX theater and also an XD Darkride Experience.

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St. George Island offers much more than 28 mile of pristine beachfront, located about an hour and 45 minute from Tallahassee via the huge Bend Scenic Byway seaside Trail and also the five-mile Bryant Patton Bridge. The island"s windy beachfront is consistently ranked as among the unified States" finest beaches, providing unparalleled views of Apalachicola Bay and also excellent problems for swimming, fishing, sunbathing, and shelling. Every one of the island"s beaches room pet-friendly, through the exception of the nine-mile beach at Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park, i beg your pardon is home to a dog-friendly boardwalk. Several of the forgotten Coast"s peak fishing locations are readily available at the east End Fishing Beach, easily accessible via permit only. Other renowned beachfront locations include the island"s Unit 4 Beach, home to lovely freshwater birds pools and also excellent methods to clues shorebirds such as diving kingfishers.

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St. Marks nationwide Wildlife Refuge is just one of the joined States" earliest wildlife refuges, originally developed in 1931 together a protected wintering soil habitat for migratory bird species. That spans an ext than 68,000 acres throughout Taylor, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties, residence to beloved saltwater marsh, tidal creek, and estuary habitats along seven of the state"s north river systems. End 43 mile of beautiful Gulf the Mexico beachfront are readily available throughout the refuge, with accessibility ramps because that kayakers and boaters and also designated areas for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Miles of hiking and biking trails expectancy the refuge, consisting of a trail follow me a previous railroad corridor that connects to the surrounding town of St. Marks. Visitors can observe a wide range of native and migratory bird species or trek come the St. Marks Lighthouse, Florida"s second-oldest historical lighthouse. The park"s visitor facility is also home to a bookstore, education building, and activities organized by the refuge"s active photography club.PO box 368, St. Marks, FL 32355, Phone: 850-925-6121

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7 finest Beaches near Tallahassee, Florida

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