A question we are frequently asked by our customers is what is the correct elevation to hang the perfect pool table lamp or optimum benefit while playing pool. Regularly this is an element of pool table ownership that is not considered until after you have currently purchased and also installed a pool table in your residence or games room, relying on where friend have collection up your new pool table have the right to potentially it is in a challenge.

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Why carry out You require Pool Table Lighting?

Pool table light is a an extremely important element of the video game as shadows from the balls ~ above the table, and also the room’s surroundings have the right to have a large effect on play making visualising the shot difficult at times. Ensuring the there is the ideal lighting on the next rail, table and that the bright is no acting together a distraction or glare is very important to ensure you reap your game of swimming pool on your new table.

What Is The Correct height To cave Your swimming pool Table lights & Lamps?

Typical accuse say your lighting needs to be have the minimum height from the bright fixture roughly 62-66 inches native the floor and also 32 - 36 inches indigenous the cloth above the table’s slate.

There may need to be some small adjustments made based upon the pool table leg height (UK pool tables have actually a leg height of 32 inches) dependant top top what form of floor the table is being set on.

As a dominance of thumb, the average height male standing straight should have the bottom that the canopy at around nose level - usually the above mentioned 32 - 36 inches above the play surface.

Equally, the dimension of your swimming pool or snooker table will help to dictate the type of light which you will need. Because that instance, a traditional 3 irradiate bar may not carry out enough irradiate coverage of her table if it’s bigger than 7 feet. In this case, the equipment would not be to place the light higher, however instead to opt for a 4 irradiate bar instead in order come provide an ext coverage.

We’ve compiled a small collection of instances of what we would certainly recommend for different sized pool tables.

Remember - A swimming pool table light’s project is no to light a room, yet to light your playing surface for play.

Pool Table sizes – irradiate Fixture size & elevation Considerations

7ft swimming pool Table: 35” from cloth (3 irradiate bar and also canopy)


8ft pool Table: 34” from cloth (3-4 light bar and canopy)

9ft swimming pool Table: 35” from fabric 70” native floor (4 light bar and also canopy)


10ft Snooker Table: 35” from fabric (4 light bar and also canopy)

12ft Snooker Table: 36” from fabric (6 light bar and also canopy)


Pool Light styles Require various Heights

When selecting a swimming pool table irradiate canopy there space literally hundreds of style styles to choose from. Some are an ext ornate the others yet all are geared increase to perform the same job and also that is to administer sufficient lighting over your pool or snooker table as soon as in use.

In regards to pool table lighting there room two classic styles that are typical in numerous pub and games rooms, bowl and conical shaped piece lights (both of which are available often as a single shade light or together a multi-shade v bar) .

If you have actually a bowl-shaped canopy we usually recommend the the canopy is slightly higher than the conventional 36" together the light is distributed differently. If you have actually a conical or cone shaped light canopy the 36" is generally ideal offered the bigger aperture. For a lighter fill on her ceiling friend can choose an aluminium shell design, these also tend to be a much better value than traditional wooden draft you see in snooker and also billiard tables.

Ceiling Heights – low, high and vaulted

Before you also purchase your swimming pool table you need to think about if you deserve to hang the appropriate lighting in the gamings room. High ceilings in properties prefer converted barns and drop ceilings, usually uncovered in basements, in particular can be challenging as the irradiate rails space heavy and also need come be fitted at one optimum elevation to allow for maximum comfort throughout play.

If ceilings space low then you require to consider the height may require adjustment. If lights space too short this can impact glare, over shadowing, or also obstruction because that the player (imagine hitting her head on her light fixture after coming up native a tricky shot across the table!). However, most light fixtures incorporate at the very least a meter that chain, so over there is a degree of flexibility right the end of the box.

Snooker Tables Require different Lighting

As snooker tables frequently have much an ext traditional lighting systems we would recommend a brass irradiate rail (available with in between 3 and also 6 lamp so friend can acquire the right size light no issue what size snooker table girlfriend have). A canopy is crucial no issue the size of your table bright systems, if you want to stick v the heritage format you deserve to often uncover wooden canopies for a greater price, but consider the tension on the ceiling with this added weight. If you have to keep it lighter steel framed canopies with towel covering is a far better option.

WPA tournament Regulation Height

The people Pool-Billiard association (WPA) regulations actually recommend a greater mounting height than we perform for home games room tables, yet the dimensions suggested by the world Pool-Billiard Association space for full size pool tables in professional play. The heights we imply are much an ext akin to swimming pool tables you can buy because that recreational use.

However, if you space planning a tournament and want a an overview of the WPA regulations watch below:

“The bed and rails the the table need to receive at the very least 520 lux (48 footcandles) of light at every point. A screen or reflector configuration is advised so the the center of the table walk not receive noticeably an ext lighting 보다 the rails and the corners the the table. If the light fixture over the table might be relocated aside (referee), the minimum height of the fixture need to be no lower than 40 inch <1.016 m> above the bed of the table. If the irradiate fixture over the table is non-movable, the fixture have to be no reduced than 65 inches <1.65 m> above the bed of the table. The intensity of any directed irradiate on the players at the table need to not it is in blinding. Blinding light starts at 5000 lux (465 footcandles) straight view. The remainder of the meet (bleachers, etc.) have to receive at least 50 lux (5 footcandles) the light.”

More information on the WPA guidelines can be viewed here.

Pool Table light Installation

When installing her light canopy constantly use a qualified electrician. Most formats need difficult wiring into the ceiling and your home electrical system, for this reason is a job for the experts to undertake. Once installing your light canopy, it is generally better to install it before the pool table is fitted. This method you can safeguard the towel from masonry dust once installing.

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If this is not feasible be certain to covering the swimming pool table before you effort to to the right the irradiate fitting as masonry dust is nearly impossible to eliminate from a pool table cloth. Pool table covers in basic are really cheap, and can be bought from united state for less than £15 - A much much better (and cheaper) investment than paying the cost to re-cloth a dust-damaged table!

All the advice given in this article is just a general dominance of thumb. Various brands of light canopies, subtle shape differences and also wattage of pear will influence the saturation of irradiate onto your pool table cloth. You may need to readjust these dimensions slightly to your own needs depending upon your pool table, and the irradiate canopy you purchase, execute some testing, and also see what level the lighting works the ideal for you and your own collection up.