Many owner of woman Chihuahuas will panic if your Chihuahua has an unplanned pregnancy due to the fact that they have actually heard many rumors.

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It is a truth that a pregnant for a Chihuahua can be risky. It is also a fact that a higher number the Chi"s must provide birth via cesarean section.
This go not median that your Chihuahua is walking to have actually complications or the the outcome is going to be terrible! plenty of human females give birth via cesarean; in reality some opt for it.
While that is true there room some dangers to a Chihuahua pregnancy, over there are methods to keep your little dog together safe and comfortable together possible. This have the right to be a happy event, not a worrisome one.

For toy breed dogs, this can be at a really young age; usually in between the eras of 4 and 7 month old.
It is during the estrus step of the cycle, which lasts in between 5 days and 3 weeks, that the mrs is typically receptive come a male.
Within this time, over there is a smaller window - usually between day 10 come 15 (starting to counting from day 1 the discharge began) the eggs will drop and the female can come to be pregnant.
While breeders are urged to wait until the second heat cycle to pair dogs, a Chihuahua can become pregnant during that very first heat even if over there is hardly any type of discharge.
2) Pregnancy have the right to occur even if a tie go not appear successful. Even if it shows up that 2 dogs rest early, a Chihuahua may come to be pregnant. Therefore, while many owners may believe that they stopped a mounting prior to anything happened, it may actually be too late.
3) A Chihuahua can become pregnant through two different dogs. This is known as a multi--sired litter. The factor that this is possible is since with mrs canines, more than one ova (the eggs created by the ovaries) remain obtainable for numerous days. Hypothetically, a female might be mounted on job 1, v an egg being fertilized and also then if placed on day 3 through a various male, another egg may come to be fertilized.
4) A Chihuahua can become pregnant by a much larger dog. This would make because that a really dangerous pregnancy and also delivery. To protect against unwanted conception, the is extremely essential to save a an extremely close eye on a Chihuahua in heat.With hormone in complete swing, a female the is receptive come males may proactively seek lock out. She might dart the end of the residence the minute that a door opens or shot to escape native a fence in yard.

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Additionally, males will look for her out. Tiny traces of blood that are deposited with each urination can carry the scent of a dog in warm for miles. Once owners lug their mrs Chihuahuas outside for bathroom needs, the area should be scanned for any kind of stray dogs.