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Wilton offers tons of cake decorating, bakeware, liquid making, and also party products.

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They have a wide selection of liquid melts that room a must-have article for any serious baker.

These commodities are innovative, mouthwatering, and fun-having in the kitchen.

Their candy melts are accessible in various colors and also assorted spices to produce special treats because that anyone or any kind of occasion.

They are delicious and also make baking easy.

However, the main question many civilization ask is, how long does Wilton liquid melt last?

Other questions include how to store candy melts or if they deserve to be heated and used again etc.

In this quick guide, we will certainly answer all these questions. So, without further ado, let’s start.

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2 exactly how to Melt /Reheat Wilton candy Melts?

What room Candy Melts? What are They made of?


Candy melts are commonly used come coat cake pops and making candy. They rank amongst the favourite mediums to make and also decorate sweet dishes.

You have the right to mold liquid melts, trace or pipe through it, make candy clay or Ganache, and do much more.

Candy melts are additionally known together summer coating or confectionery coating.

The liquid melts room made native sugar, vegetable oils, milk solids, flavorings, and food colors.

They are choose white chocolate but do no contain any cocoa. Some candy melts are type of chocolates through cocoa powder in them.

How come Melt /Reheat Wilton liquid Melts?


Candy melts are not melted the method we melt dark, milk, or white chocolate.

It’s much better to review the instructions published on the ago of the candy pack.

It simply requires a couple of tips come make certain that the batch end up perfect every time. Friend can conveniently reheat candy melts.

You can melt or reheat Wilton liquid melts by complying with two ways. They space as follows:

Microwave Method

Just put any kind of candy melts in the microwave-proof bowl. Location it in a microwave, defrost for 1 minute or microwave at 40% setting.

Then stir thoroughly and repeat this procedure of microwave and stir v intervals the 30 seconds until it melts and also smoothens in ~ your desired consistency.

Double boiler method

If you desire to reheat a larger amount the Wilton candy melts and also don’t have actually a microwave together well, dual boiler an approach is best option because that you.

For this, you require two pots which stack on the top of every other.

For melting Wilton candy melts, fill a lower pan with water come the underneath level of optimal pan. Warm the water until it simmers. Take out the pan from heat.

Place liquid melts in top-level pan and also fixes the position on a lower pan.

Stir continuously until it melts and also reaches to a smooth consistency.

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How to store Wilton candy Melts?

You have melted some Wilton liquid melts for making something for cake decoration. Currently you have leftover candy melts, and also you room thinking about either throwing them the end or a way to save them?

Do not throw the leftover Wilton liquid melts. You can store lock for later use.

Just eat castle or do cake pops, dip pretzels, fruit, or lollipops. Storing candy melts is very simple.

Just location a wax record and scrape the leftover liquid melt indigenous the key on paper. Then ar them in a zip log in bag and store.

Can friend Refrigerate Wilton candy Melts?

The straightforward answer is yes; you deserve to refrigerate the Wilton candy melts. The candy melts execute not take lengthy to harden again.

Just take around ten minute in a refrigerator—so no require to issue if you have actually not plenty of molds to keep.

If girlfriend live where the environment is cooler, then liquid melts deserve to harden in this temperature environment.

The ingredients offered in the candy melts carry out not damn it if you location them in the refrigerator.

Later, once you reuse, monitor the reheating steps mentioned above to make full use of the liquid melts.

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Can You frozen Wilton candy Melts?

Again the answer is yes yet not always.

However, it’s far better not to freeze or even refrigerate candy melt uneven the temperature is really warm.

Freezers and also even refrigerators have a the majority of moisture. If you frozen the liquid melts, they will absorb the moisture.

Instead that freezing liquid melts, save them in a cool and dry place and that also in one airtight container or jug to stop moisture.

If you frozen them, the absorbed water content in candy melts will freeze. As soon as they start to melt, the water part will separate and left the soggy mess behind.

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Do Wilton candy Melts Expire? How lengthy Does Wilton candy Melts Last?


It’s much better to buy liquid melts as soon as you need them.

However, if you operation some confectionery business, then you need to purchase item in bulk. Purchasing liquid melts in an ext quantity could raise the inquiry of their expiry date.

Technically, candy melts perform not walk bad. You deserve to reuse the stored candy melts after one or two weeks.

You have to look for when the color gets faded, though. That is the indication the the fat is separating in candy.

Usually, after ~ one year, liquid wafers have fat bloom, so once you melt them, they slim out.

According to Wilton, the unopened bags of liquid melts last 18 months but might become harder to melt.

The question is how you would understand when the liquid melts to be manufactured due to the fact that you will certainly not find the expiry day on the Wilton liquid melts bag.

The answer is, you deserve to see a code on the reduced side of the Wilton liquid melt bag.

That’s where you deserve to guess the manufacturing date. Because that example, the code printed on the bag is 19082.

Now, what does that mean?

This code is based upon the Julian calendar and also not the one the everyone uses.

The beginning two digits ‘19’ method the year, right here it method 2019. The following digits suggest the job of the year out of 365 days.

So 082 means, the liquid melts were produced on the 82nd work of the year, somewhere in late March.

According to the year number, march starts indigenous the 60th day the is first March and ends on the 90th day the is 31st March.

Thus, 082 transforms out to be 22nd March. The bag that Wilton candy melts is make on 22nd March.

As pointed out earlier, unopened bags of candy melts remain great for use until 18 months from the manufacturing date.

So this bag deserve to be offered until September 2020. Trouble solved.

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Where is the Expiration date on Wilton candy Melts?

There is no expiration day mentioned top top Wilton candy Melts. Wilton mentions the only date is the manufactured day which is mentioned on the bag.

As per Wilton, the liquid melt bag id great for 18 months if the is unopened. You can discover the code on the reduced side of the bag.

You can calculate the expiration date as mentioned over according come code.


You can carry so much fun to her parties with Wilton liquid Melts.

Instead of do time-consuming toppings, one deserve to just usage candy melts by melt them and using them as toppings and cake pops.

The leftover liquid melts are conveniently stored and also then reused.

However, to ensure quality, that is much better not come refrigerate or frozen them together they absorb moisture.

Instead, store the leftover liquid melts in a cool and dry place and use them later.

How long walk Wilton liquid melts last? Well, shot not to store leftover candy melts for more than 2-3 weeks.

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However, if you have unopened bags of liquid melts, they deserve to be offered within 18 months from the manufacturing date.