In this article, we will certainly answer the concern “How long can you store the life turkey in the fridge?”, and also how to freeze turkey?

How long deserve to you save the raw turkey in the fridge?

Raw turkey will only last 1-2 work in the refrigerator If it is stored correctly. Cooked turkey, however, will stay fresh for 3-4 days as soon as refrigerated. Freezing turkey is a great option If you want to save it around for a year.

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How to store raw turkey?

Freezing a turkey


Do no take the turkey out of its initial packaging. That protects the turkey against bacteria and other contaminants. Prior to buying the turkey, examine for the integrity of the packaging. Do not buy a turkey with leaky or damaged packaging.

If the packaging is not available, pack the turkey in aluminum or plastic wrap. Placed it in an air-tight bag and chuck the in the freezer. Your finest bet is to use a vacuum-sealed bag because that this purpose. If not available, simply take a huge garbage bag and also squeeze the air out of it.


Turkey need to be frozen listed below a constant temperature of 0℉. Freeze temperatures keep the turkey’s fresh so that you can keep it around for longer.

The shelf-life

Whole turkeys can stay new for as much as a year in the freezer. Wings and drumsticks have actually a shorter shelf-life i.3 9 months. Soil turkey will just last 3-4 months. In various other words, turkeys have the right to be indefinitely stored in the freezer. However it loser its prime high quality after a year.

Freezing pre-stuffed turkey

Frozen pre-stuffed turkeys have to be frozen If they room not to be used immediately. They carry out not require to be thawed. You can remove it directly out of the freezer and put it in the oven for baking.

Refrigerating a turkey


Refrigeration temperature is an extremely important to store the turkey fresh. Turkey have to be refrigerated in ~ temperatures listed below 4℉ to keep the bacteria from growing.

Check because that the best-by date

Keep monitor of the best-by date printed top top the plastic packaging the the turkey. The turkey will just last 2-3 days past this date. As long as the turkey is sealed in its original packaging, the best-by or sell-by day is your overview to the turkey’s shelf-life.

Shelf-life of thawed turkey

If the turkey is sealed in its initial packaging and thawed, it deserve to be preserved for another 2 days. This also applies to the turkey portions and also ground turkey meat. Discard the turkey If the feels or smells off.

Store in the meat drawer

Keep the turkey in the meat drawer of the fridge. If your fridge does not have actually one, you must place the turkey in a tray and also keep it in ~ the ago of the shortest shelf. Because It is the coldest component of the refrigerator.

Other FAQs about Turkey i m sorry you might be interested in.

How lengthy will a new turkey critical in the fridge?

Preserving a defrosted turkey 

Defrost in the fridge

1 5 lb turkey should be defrosted for 24 hours in the fridge. After ~ thawing, that will just last 2 days in the fridge. If you room in a hurry, defrost the turkey by placing it in a cold water bath listed below 4℉.

Change the water ~ every 30 minutes or so. If that is a tiny turkey portion, that can also be s by microwaving it in ~ the defrost setting.

Freezing s turkey

If you s turkey in the fridge and do not arrangement to use it anymore, you deserve to put it back in the freezer in ~ 2 days. It will last a year. If you defrost it making use of a microwave or water bath, you can not refreeze it.

Using ice-filled coolers because that storage

If you space traveling and also do not have a refrigerator or freezer, create a makeshift refrigerator by pour it until it is full the cooler with ice and also dumping the turkey in it. Near the lid and also use a thermometer come gauge the temperature that the ice. It have to be below 4℉

The nutritional file of turkey

An 84g serving of turkey provides the adhering to nutrients.

Niacin (Vitamin B3)61% of the DV
Vitamin B649% that the DV
Vitamin B1229% that the DV
Selenium46% of the DV
Zinc12% of the DV
Sodium26% the the DV
Phosphorous28% of the DV
Choline12% the the DV
Magnesium6% that the DV
Potassium4% that the DV

The foot or thigh reduced of turkey (dark meat) has much more calories and also protein content than the white meat.

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In this article, we answered the question “How long can you store the raw turkey in the fridge?”, and how to frozen turkey?



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