Tired of downing an power drink expecting to have a to explode of power that lasts every day, just to feel tired and also sluggish just a couple of ours later?

I was too - and that"s why I set out top top a pursuit to discover a morning power supplement that not only lasted all day there is no the crash, but also gave her brain/body everything they require to gain sh*t done. 

That"s the story the EarlyBird - more on the later. 

For now, we"re going to investigate how long an energy drink actually lasts in your body, and why. 

Let"s dive in: 


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How lengthy does that take because that an power drink come wear off?

According to Medical News Today, the takes roughly 12 hrs for the human body to fully process every one of caffeine content in an power drink.

However, this does rely on individual circumstances, consisting of your energy drink"s caffeine content and your body"s caffeine metabolism rate. 

Dr. Stuart Farrimond said The day-to-day Mail "Caffeine is a crafty drug that in the interim blocks adenosene pathways, giving you a boost while allowing ‘feel good’ molecules in the mind – such as dopamine – to it is in released more readily. You feel much more alert and you feel far better about yourself." 

But also after the 12 hours have actually gone by and also all caffeine has been metabolized, you might still feel the "withdrawal" effects of the power drink because that 12-24 hrs after consumption.

The results are especially strong if you"re a daily caffeine consumer who has not had their everyday dose in a while. 

How lengthy do energy drinks last prior to you crash?


Caffeine levels optimal in her bloodstream in ~ 15-45 minutes of consumption, and also it"s every downhill native there.

That"s why most energy drinks give you a short burst of power followed by a crash - the caffeine is soaked up rapidly and also as her body metabolizes the caffeine, you might feel more tired than before you pounded the Red Bull in the an initial place. 

Despite having the caffeine in your body for 12+ hours as stated earlier, you"ll likely start to crash in ~ an hour or two of consuming a standard energy drink.

Unless you"re drink a high quality power drink the helps you wake up early and also get sh*t done without the crash, don"t suppose to feel an excellent for much more than a few hours, much much less all day long. 

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How lengthy do energy drinks critical after opening? 


According to Still Tasty, one opened energy drink will save in the fridge anywhere from 2 come 4 days.

However, since energy drinks are acidic, they"ll in reality stay an excellent in the fridge far longer, even after opening.

All you"d have to worry around is the lose of carbonation if that"s your thing. 

On the other hand, if you want to inspect out the best energy drink that doesn"t go negative in the fridge or elsewhere and also is non-carbonated, then check out EarlyBird! 

How long does an energy drink last unopened? 

Still Tasty reports that most energy drinks critical 6 to 9 month after the day on the can, stored unopened at room temperature. 

Even after ~ those 9 months go by, most energy Drinks will likely stay drinkable after that as well.

Marty Spargo, an expert on power drinks and also founder of Reize, says:

"The expiry day is there merely as an indication that the product will not taste that an excellent past their expiry date, and that the ingredient will begin to degrade to the point that the nutritional details is no longer continuous with those actually had in the can."

Moreover, the drink will most most likely lose the carbonation, therefore I"d stop drinking an old power drink if girlfriend don"t generally like her soda flat. 


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How lengthy do energy drinks take to kick in? 

Some studies have shown that caffeine and also other stimulants can begin having an result on her body within simply 10 minutes of consumption. 

Within 45 minutes of consumption, caffeine level in the blood reach your peak and also from there, the body begins metabolizing all of the caffeine until a maximum of 12 hours has actually passed, in ~ which suggest all the caffeine need to be the end of your system (depending on how much caffeine you consumed in the an initial place). 

How much water go it take to flush the end an energy drink?

There is part unclear details floating around on the internet about the quantity of water it"d require to flush out a deserve to of Monster Energy, amongst other standard power drinks. For example, this site talks about 6.3 gallons that water to fully flush out one can of Monster power from her kidneys (keep in mind the average human being drinks less than a gallon per day.)

How long do Monsters keep you awake? 


A constant can the Monster has actually 160mg that caffeine every 16oz can, an ext than Monster reports and also roughly dual that the a continual coffee. 

That gift said, caffeine is completely absorbed right into your bloodstream in ~ ~45 minutes and will proceed to circulate in your body for another 6-8 hours.

That said, drink a deserve to of Monster prior to bed - or also later in the afternoon - is absolutely not a good idea. 

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What do energy drinks perform to her body?

According to Dr. Higgins of CNN, power drinks will elevate love beat, as "energy drinks not only have actually been displayed to raise anxiety levels, increase love rate, increase blood pressure, they"ve likewise been shown to make the blood a small bit thicker."

Most energy drinks are fine as soon as in a while because that the average, healthy person, despite it"s not advised you down a Red Bull every single day v your breakfast.

Conversely, someone v heart concerns or various other health troubles may want to avoid energy drinks entirely, even high-quality drinks with natural ingredients choose EarlyBird.

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How long do energy drinks last in your system

How perform you get energy drinks to wear off? 

There"s not lot you can do to do an power drink stay off quicker than your body have the right to metabolize the ingredients naturally.

For most people, the immediate results of an energy drink will kick in within 10 minutes of consumption, optimal at the 45 minute mark, and decrease over the following 2-3 hours. 

Nevertheless, power drinks and their ingredient will remain in your system for up to twelve hours. 

But if you have actually the jitters and also want come calm down a bit, here"s a checklist:

Don"t consume any an ext caffeine for the remainder of the day, together an extra deserve to or one more cup the coffee will surely make the trouble worse. 

Drink numerous water - caffeine is a diuretic, which method you must replace the water lost from urination. 

Replacing your electrolytes will certainly supercharge hydration.

Lastly, acquisition a walk and practicing deep breathing must both assist to patience you down and also make you feeling better.

If you"re having extremely an adverse side results after consuming an energy drink, contact your doctor.

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How countless energy drinks can you drink in a day? 

According to Mayo Clinic, the average healthy and balanced adult have the right to safely have up to 400 mg of caffeine a day.

Considering the average energy drink has anywhere from 100 to 300 mg of caffeine every can, you can safely drink 1-3 cans per day, going by the 400mg that caffeine border alone. 

Still, too numerous energy drink in a job - or also one have the right to a work - deserve to have various other unintended health consequences, many of which the result of excessive sugar intake. 

A typical can that Red Bull or Monster deserve to have almost everywhere from 20 to 30 grams the sugar every serving, which is top top par v sodas choose Coke or Pepsi.

That gift said, technically you have the right to have a few energy drinks a day, but most power drinks room unhealthy and also should be consumed sparingly, especially those loaded v sugar. 

If you"re worried about sugar intake but still need an power supplement to acquire you with the day, check out EarlyBird - it"s sugar free and made v all herbal ingredients.

You"ll finally be able to wake up at an early stage feeling great and ready to obtain sh*t done, without the crash.