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ehh, need advice i"m exhausted of searching. Every i know is 50-60k mile is typically the general life expectations of struts. Well ... Roads top quality in NYC/NJ area probably cut this in fifty percent or for this reason haha! but generally behind ones critical longer, best ? isn"t 73k too lot a tiny for rear oem struts ?my "00 solara (think gen4 camry) is in ~ 73k mile now and i still have actually original OEM struts in the rear. Not certain if i need to replace lock anytime soon or leave the initial ones in still. No noises comes from there.fronts were replaced ~3yrs/35k miles back with Gabriel (Ultra i think) strut cartridges indigenous autozone, done at a local shop. Main reason was that FP strut to be banging an extremely hard (i to buy this vehicle with it).now ~35k miles later on i listen FP strut a tiny banging periodically again, common wear ?it has actually a damaged rubber reduced insulator though, go it do it wear quicker ?it"s not under warranty, for this reason if i replace it i choose something else, yet have a dillemma if i need to do every 4 corners (and lowering spring maybe) or stick to oem height/springs and simply swap strut inserts in front only.after recent installation of new tires and also alignment i noticed automobile handles funny at 70-75mph, naught serious, however it kind of a small "shakes" (hard to uncover a native for the minimal dealing with feeling) to sides, i can see and also feel the steering wheel vibrating a tiny little bit too in ~ this rate range, despite it disappears above 75mph and also never happens listed below 70mph. Nothing serious.can it be that brand-new tires room not broken in however (few hundred miles on them) ?also they are 205/65/R15 94V rated while stock ones (and former replacement) were 94H rated (same size).can worn behind struts reason this ? or its rather the tires ? lock were well balanced on Hunter GSP9700 maker and native looking end mechanic"s shoulder i know he balanced them well (all said eco-friendly OK top top screen).and yes NY & Jersey chauffeurs break the speed borders on all highways every job (unless we obtain stuck in rush hour traffic haha), that"s just how the traffic flows, so pest off if rears are because of replacement i think next time i may simply go v Tokico + Eibach combo (all roughly of course) and replace every insulators and strut mounts. May obtain expensive, however i desire some hard handling, and would evaluate a tiny drop too (stock 15"" alloy wheels though).thanks because that insights.

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"02 Solara SLE V6 1MZ-FE/ 170k
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