Kindle Fire tablet computers are amongst the cheapest kinds of tablets you can discover on today’s market. When they may be restricted in functionality and features, they operation a an extremely stable Fire OS and are an excellent at what they’re supposed to execute – allow you watch Amazon prime videos, do your virtual shopping, and also read her favorite e-books on a screen that’s easy on the eyes and also configurable. But, at this price range, they’re not fully without flaws.

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It’s important to recognize that some chargers may not it is in fast enough for the battery in your Kindle Fire tablet. If you’re not utilizing an initial charger you could want to offer the device some time before you shot to strength it ago on.

Also, if you’re trying to charge a Kindle Fire back from a dead battery, it’s an extremely important to usage a wall charger as opposed come plugging the tablet computer into your computer system or powerbank.

Check the LED Light

Some Kindle devices come with an LED indicator because that battery power. While your maker is associated to a charger, friend can check the LED indicator to view if the battery is charging.

The green light shows that the battery is fully charged. The amber light indicates that the device is at this time charging. However, if friend don’t see a light and your Kindle Fire does have actually an LED indicator, it means that the battery isn’t getting any kind of juice.

But, this really counts on what tablet computer you have. Kindle E-Readers do have actually power LED indicators, if Amazon Fire tablet computers don’t.

What to do If your Kindle Fire Isn’t Charging

If your maker isn’t charging the battery could be dead for good. Or, there could be other wrong with the adapter or the cable. Either way, if your maker is quiet in warranty you should more than likely take full benefit of that.


If you desire to try and troubleshoot that on your own, begin with the charger harbor on the device. Clean any type of dust and debris. Together this deserve to not only slow under the charging process but likewise bring it come a finish halt if the buildup is severe.

Another thing you deserve to do is try using one more charger through your Kindle Fire. ~ plugging that in and letting the battery attract power for a few minutes, shot to power on the an equipment as previously shown.

If a new charger doesn’t work-related either, it’s possible that the battery in her Kindle Fire is completely dead. Either take advantage of your warranty to get a brand-new battery or think about getting a new Kindle Fire. You may very well end up spending less and also getting much more out that it, if girlfriend just gain a new and better device.

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Did your Kindle Fire Battery Fail girlfriend Yet?

If you’re a Kindle Fire user, let united state know exactly how the battery has actually been treating you so far. Anyone knows that Kindle Fire tablets have actually an mean battery uptime, some being maybe to remain on for up to half a day while others barely manage to provide you 10 hrs runtime on a complete charge.

That said, recovering indigenous a dead battery seems sketchier 보다 it needs to be. Is this a style issue that must be handle in the near future, or do you think it’s no that big of a deal? Maybe much more browsing functionality deserves extra focus? permit us understand in the comments section below.