Bailey’s ireland Cream has been my favourite alcoholic beverage because that the past decade or so. It’s additionally the world’s most popular liqueur. Consumers reap it both together a mixer or sipped alone. If it’s been sitting on the shelf or in the fridge for a while, you might be wondering how long it will certainly last.

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Baileys will last 2 years past its manufacture date. Girlfriend will discover that target date on the label of every bottle. Whether stored in the pantry or the fridge, liqueurs like Baileys are ideal consumed in ~ 6 months after opening.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the shelf life that baileys and also other comparable liqueurs.

How lengthy Does Baileys last Unopened?

Every bottle of Baileys irish Cream consists of a “best before end date” in the lower-left corner of the label. The date consists of the month and year, set 2 years after manufacture. Although the information is no longer easily accessible on the website, miscellaneous sources mention a guarantee of 2 years for best use.

Unopened bottles live fine in your pantry or ~ above the bar shelf. After all, they began life sit on the grocery store or liquor store shelf.

How lengthy Does Baileys critical After You open up It?

British-based conglomerate Diageo, the world’s 2nd largest distiller, manufactures Baileys. Because that ingredients, they make the irish Cream liqueur through Irish Whiskey, cocoa, sugar, and also cream. Like other cream liqueurs, the clock starts ticking once you open the bottle.

After you open the bottle, it’s ideal to include only six months to the ‘best prior to end’ because that a full shelf-life of approximately 30 months. It’s encourage to drink as quickly as feasible because taste and also texture will change over time. Open up bottles are best refrigerated.

How lengthy Does Baileys Last out of the Fridge?

Since Baileys consists of alcohol, you could think it’s good in her food pantry or ~ above the bar shelf. You’re right. While Baileys is 50% dairy product cream, its various other principal ingredient is triple-distilled irish Whiskey. You deserve to keep an open up bottle of Baileys for as much as 30 month in a cool, dark place. The key is to save Baileys out of straight sunlight and also away native heat.

How long Will Baileys last in the Fridge?

Since Baileys has dairy, you could think it goes in the fridge. As soon as again, you’re right. Even if it is in the fridge or the end of it, Baileys is great for as much as 30 months. However, as an irish Cream, Baileys is finest served chilled end ice. Psychic to use the calculate of 2 year plus six months to number the longest you have the right to keep a bottle in the fridge. If you’re prefer me, your Baileys will never ever last the long.

Unlike vodka or gin, Baileys will not carry out well in the freezer. The milk parts freeze and also make putting difficult. Further, a freeze-and-thaw cycle will certainly crystalize the milk and lead her Bailey’s going poor earlier 보다 necessary.

Does Baileys go Bad?

You should always check the ‘best prior to end’ day on the bottle. Prefer other assets made with milk, Baileys have the right to go bad. Whether on the shelf, fridge, or even a root cellar exposure come oxygen is the culprit. This is another reason the frozen refrigerator is a much better alternative to the bar shelf.

Diageo offers a Stelvin cap, a screw cap that is much more often seen on wine bottles. This cap ensures a tight seal, so be certain you screw the lid on effectively after every use. Don’t mix your drink and leave the open up bottle on the bar. Or, you can use a party stopper, like this one, if her cap has actually been compromised.


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It have to go without saying, but don’t permit a guest chug your Baileys directly from the bottle. Enzyme in person saliva will react badly v the ireland cream liqueur, resulting in it come curdle.

For the much more adventurous, there is one drink recipe, the Cement Mixer, the calls because that Baileys come be combined with lime or lemon juice. The acid in the juice causes the liqueur to curdle, however that is the meant outcome. Personally, I’d rather include coffee, chocolate, or a little flavored vodka to do a much more refreshing drink.

How come Tell If Baileys has Gone Bad

Here are four ways come tell if her Baileys has actually gone bad.

Smell- The odor is off. First, trust your nose. If the liqueur smells a little off, it more than likely it.Taste- The taste is terrible. If you’re a little braver, shot a little taste test. You’ll recognize right away if the liqueur is okay to drink.Texture- The texture is lumpy. With milk together a primary ingredient, the cream components will curdle if aged or exposed come heat. If the liqueur looks choose cottage cheese, it’s best not come drink it.

One cool trick is to include a splash of Bailey’s to warm coffee. If the liqueur reacts favor it should, v a smooth swirl, then it’s okay. If it automatically curdles, it’s finest to pour the bottle under the drain.

Can you Drink Baileys after Expiration Date?

Your favorite Aunt Mary gives you a party of Baileys together a birthday gift. You check the ‘best before end’ date, and also it was seven months ago. Execute you need to chuck the bottle? no so fast. You may still it is in in luck.

Before you litter away the bottle, use the checklist over to see if the bottle’s unable to do over. If the smells, tastes, and also looks okay, cheers to you! To it is in on the safe side, why not share that bottle around the party and enjoy it come the critical drop?

How to properly Store Baileys

As noted, you have the right to store Baileys toward the earlier of the bar shelf or in the fridge. Whichever storage technique you choose, aim because that a surface temperature selection between 0-24 Centigrade or 32-77 degrees Fahrenheit. This provides sense, as alcohol is the sole organic preservative.

Does Baileys Evaporate?

Alcohol can evaporate in the barrel, yet that’s since the barrel is no airtight. As with any kind of pure alcohol product, Baileys will not evaporate if you save the bottled closed. Further, because Baileys is 50% cream and also cream doesn’t evaporate (or will certainly go bad before the does), friend don’t need to worry.

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Final Thoughts

Bailey’s and also other liqueurs are among the many versatile and also popular drinks in the world. While the party is unlikely to last an ext than a couple of weeks, it’s simple to acquire sidetracked and forget we had it save away. The an excellent news is, the the stuff will certainly be good at the very least 2 years. And, if it’s a little older, girlfriend now have actually the devices to “test” that to see if the is quiet good.