If you’re in search of a tasty, protein-rich snack, beef jerky is the answer. One item of beef jerky packs around 10 grams of protein. And, because beef jerky doesn’t should be refrigerated, it provides the perfect snack for as soon as you’re top top the go. 

However, just since beef jerky doesn’t must be refrigerated doesn’t average it big forever. Whether you acquisition beef jerky digital or do your very own beef jerky at home, you need to be mindful of its shelf life. 

Read this guide to learn about beef jerky’s shelf life and also to find some storage tips

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How long Does Beef Jerky Last?

How lengthy beef jerky lasts will depend on whether it’s homemade or store-bought. Generally, commercial beef jerky is ideal enjoyed within one year. 

However, to reap the jerky’s premium flavor and also textures, we recommend consuming it within six months of purchase

Homemade beef jerky, top top the various other hand, must last one to 2 months if you save it in an airtight container ~ making it. If you store beef jerky in a Ziplock bag in your pantry, it’ll last around a week.

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And, if you keep your beef jerky in the fridge, you deserve to expect it to critical one to 2 weeks. 

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How to Tell if Beef Jerky is quiet Good

Sometimes, it’s not constantly easy to tell if beef jerky is still an excellent to eat. Unlike continual cooked meat, which establishes a smell if not consumed in time, beef jerky doesn’t constantly show strong signs of spoilage

If the shade of the beef jerky has changed, or it’s obtained darker or harder, climate it may have gone bad. In part cases, spoiled beef jerky have the right to have a slight odor to it

If girlfriend purchased the beef jerky digital or in-store, always check the expiration date on the package. The expiration date is typically located ~ above the bottom seal the the bag. Yet remember, just because the beef jerky is past the best-by day doesn’t typical it’s unsafe to eat. The best-by day simply indicates when the jerky is at its freshest. 

You should also check the jerky package for any rips or tears. If you uncover any, this have the right to be an indicator that the jerky has actually gone bad, as moisture has entered the bag. 

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How to store Beef Jerky 

To make her beef jerky critical as long as possible, you need to focus on proper storage. Below are the different methods because that storing beef jerky:

Vacuum Seal Bag

Perhaps the best technique for storing your beef jerky is in a vacuum seal bag. Vacuum seal bags enable you to keep the humidity in and also the air out, enabling your jerky to continue to be somewhat soft and also tender without spoiling.

The just downside is the vacuum sealers deserve to be a little bit expensive - usually in between $100 come $200 because that a brand brand-new one. However, if you setup to make a lot of beef jerky or other foods that need sealing, it’s well worth the investment. 

If you desire your beef jerky come last also longer, us recommend placing the vacuum seal bag in the freezer. Through this method, her beef jerky deserve to last 12 months or more

Mason Jars/Dry Cans 

Dry canning beef jerky in a mason seasoned or dry have the right to will permit you to preserve it because that months. Plus, this method is much more affordable 보다 vacuum sealing. Here’s what you have to do to store your jerky in mason jars:

Set your oven to 350 F. Take the lids turn off the mason jars and set them on a cookie sheet. Place the jars in the stove for around 10 minutes. Use mitts to remove the jars indigenous the oven, and quickly location your jerky strips within of them. Screw the covering tightly on the jars, and allow the jars to cool to room temperature. Together the mason jars cool, they’ll produce a vacuum seal. If you hear popping sounds, that means the jars are creating the seal. 

Once sealed, you deserve to store the beef jerky ~ above the pantry shelf or in the fridge. 

Ziplock or file Bag 

Ziplock or document bags likewise work for storing beef jerky if you in a pinch. This technique will keep her jerky fresh for 3-4 weeks, for this reason it’s a good option if you arrangement to consume the jerky in the near future. 

If you uncover that her jerky is a little bit too moist, you have the right to always include a food-grade desiccant bag come the document or Ziplock bag.

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How to Make your Beef Jerky last Longer

Additionally, here are some steps you deserve to take to make her beef jerky last longer:

Trim the Fat

Fat is the foe when it comes to preserving beef jerky. Fat spoils fast and can do the beef jerky go rancid more quickly. To protect against this issue, purchase lean meat and also trim all the fat before drying your jerky. 

Cure your Jerky

Most advertising beef jerky producers use a cure made from salt nitrate to extend the life that beef jerky by a year or more. The sodium nitrate avoids bacteria native harboring in the meat. If it’s not recommended to make your very own cure, you have the right to purchase a beef jerky online or indigenous your neighborhood supermarket. 

The cure likewise helps give the beef jerky a red color, and it also adds some flavor

Dry that Right 

Generally, the longer you dry her beef jerky, the longer it will certainly last. However, girlfriend don’t want to over-dry your beef jerky, together this will certainly make it exceptionally chewy. Dried the jerky come its desired texture and also focus on suitable storage to make it last longer. 

Avoid Sunlight 

You additionally want to make sure you save your beef jerky in a dry, cool setting such together a pantry. Leaving jerky out in straight sunlight can reason condensation within the bag, which can lead come mold

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Time to save Your Beef Jerky! 

With this beef jerky warehouse tips, you should acquire plenty of shelf life the end of your jerky. 

If you’re looking to acquisition beef jerky v a lengthy shelf life, check the end our products!