A well-known club drug, MDMA, can still it is in detected in her body after the effects are gone. And like other drugs, numerous factors are associated in answering exactly how long walk MDMA remain in your system. Besides the quantity of the drug taken, the form of experimentation is among the most far-reaching factors.

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Tests can detect MDMA in your urine, blood, saliva, and hair. And while different tests may be an ext accurate, MDMA is usually detectable for:

Urine – MDMA might be detectable in urine because that up to three days. And also in details people, up to five days.Blood – MDMA deserve to be uncovered in your blood up to 2 days after last use.Saliva – In saliva, MDMA is detectable because that up to 2 days and up to three days with hefty use.Hair – Unlike various other tests, which normally miss MDMA ~ the first week, hair follicle tests deserve to detect MDMA for as much as 90 days.

Unfortunately, many civilization take MDMA in ~ raves or next without discovering the long-term impacts of club drugs. Together a result, they end up seeking treatment due to the fact that MDMA deserve to be addictive.

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What is MDMA?

MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) has actually both stimulant and hallucinogenic effects. It is recognized on the highways as molly or ecstasy. When it reasons feelings the euphoria, most human being use it because that the heightened sensations of touch, sound, and smell.

MDMA increases the mind chemicals dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. These 3 chemicals pat a role in various features such as mood, emotions, and sexual activity.

Ecstasy vs. Molly

Ecstasy and also molly room street names for MDMA. However, molly is the powdered form that is generally snorted. At the exact same time, ecstasy is the pill kind of MDMA the is generally taken through mouth.

Both creates are often reduced with other substances such together meth, ephedrine, and also amphetamines. Cut MDMA with these substances often leads to an MDMA overdose. In addition, ecstasy and also molly can both potentially reason withdrawal symptoms.

How lengthy Does Ecstasy Last?


People who usage ecstasy usually feel these results within 45 minute of use and may feel them for as much as 6 hours. The initial results of ecstasy include:

boost in energyEuphoriaIncrease in sociabilitySexual arousalIncreased feeling of empathy and closeness

However, not all impacts of ecstasy space pleasant. These results may last approximately a mainly after her last dose and worsen the more ecstasy friend take. These impacts include:

AnxietyDepressionIrritabilityDecrease in concentrationMemory issuesBlurred visionMuscle-stiffnessClenching her jawNauseaAppetite issuesRestlessness

If you take ecstasy in high doses, it can hinder the body’s ability to manage its temperature. This puts friend at risk of dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, and also swelling in the brain.

What is MDMA vs. MDA?

MDA (methylenedioxyamphetamine) or sally and MDMA have many similarities. In fact, a test for molly generally can’t tell the difference in between the two. While castle often expense the same, sally is occasionally sold together molly.

But, the “highs” from both drugs space different. While both drugs have stimulant and also hallucinogenic effects, molly’s results are more sexual, and also sally is more visual and also energy-related. Furthermore, sally’s effects commonly last longer.

What is MDMA vs. Molly?

While molly is the street name for MDMA, the difference is usually the pureness. Because molly comes in a powdered form, individuals assume the is pure. But the fact is all forms of MDMA are typically cut through something and not pure.

What is MDMA vs. Ecstasy?

Really the only distinction is, again, MDMA is the medical name, and ecstasy is a street term. Ecstasy is the pill form of MDMA. However, in a fluid form, the is known as GHB.

There are countless dangers to taking any form of MDMA. Drug dealers often “cut” the drug with various other substances. As a result, you may actually be taking very little MDMA. MDMA is often “cut” with:

LSDCocaineAmphetaminesMethamphetaminesRat poisonCaffeineOther building materials

Is MDMA Addictive?


The question, is MDMA addictive, is quiet up for debate. This is because tiny research has actually been excellent on MDMA addiction among users in the general population. However, the affects serotonin and dopamine, i beg your pardon is connected with substance usage disorder.

Because ecstasy is a “club drug,” the isn’t normally taken regularly. However, those that take it frequently can end up being dependant. In ~ the very same time, the substances supplied to “cut” the MDMA may also be extremely addictive.

What room the usual Signs someone is making use of Ecstasy?

If who you love is misusing ecstasy, the is typically easy come recognize. However, it may be difficult to pinpoint the drug is MDMA since other drugs likewise have this effects.

HallucinationsHeightened awarenessUncontrollable shakingParanoiaPoor judgment skillsMemory loss/confusionDental issues from grinding teeth

If you are misusing ecstasy or any type of MDMA, that is important to seek help. If friend continue

misusing ecstasy or usage high sheep of the drug, it deserve to lead come a potentially fatal MDMA overdose.

Can girlfriend Overdose on MDMA?

An overdose happens as soon as you take an ext of a drug than your body can process. Is it feasible to have actually an MDMA overdose? Yes. But, the is rare.

However, the risk of MDMA resulting in other medical issues is highly possible. Because that example, hyperthermia is the most usual health problem with MDMA.

Hyperthermia results from physical exertion, such together dancing, in one overheated environment. This deserve to lead come liver, kidney, or love failure, and over all, death.

Signs and symptoms of an MDMA overdose include:

FaintingHigh blood pressureLosing consciousnessPanic attacksSeizures

While the risk of an MDMA overdose is low, combine it v alcohol or other drugs have the right to increase the risk of one overdose.

Can girlfriend “Flush” MDMA the end of your System?

Contrary to belief, drinking many water does no “flush” club drugs the end of her system. In fact, it have the right to be dangerous. If girlfriend drink too much water in ~ 12 hrs of acquisition MDMA, it have the right to exacerbate the effects. The only means to to escape the body of MDMA is for the human body to metabolize it.

What space the Long-Term results of club Drugs?

As we stated earlier, “club drugs” affect dopamine, serotonin, and also norepinephrine levels in the brain. Once you misuse MDMA for a lengthy time and in high amounts, it ultimately starts depleting these chemicals on your brain.

The most usual long-term effects of “club drugs” include anxiety, depression, and paranoia. But, the physical effects of misusing ecstasy are the many negative. That is linked to possibly fatal liver, kidney, and heart issues.

Furthermore, if you have actually preexisting health problems such together epilepsy, asthma, and blood pressure are at risk of ending up being seriously ill. Due to the fact that MDMA can be “cut” with anything, one pill could be all it take away to reason a deadly MDMA overdose.

Should You seek Treatment because that MDMA Misuse?


If you have tried to protect against using MDMA yet are can not to, it is time to look for help. A substance usage disorder of any type of kind is complicated to overcome. However, the decoding phase of recovery is regularly the hardest.

Withdrawal symptom from MDMA are generally more psychological 보다 physical and shouldn’t it is in gone with alone. Common MDMA withdrawal symptom include:


Although the severity of tap the money symptoms relies on the length and frequency the use, a medical detox program helps you safely rid her body that MDMA.

Treating the Long-Term effects of club Drugs

Depending top top the severity of her substance usage disorder, friend will enter either inpatient or outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment needs you to live in the facility throughout recovery. In contrast, outpatient treatment enables you to work and also go to institution while attending treatment on her schedule.

Both programs offer comprehensive treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental wellness disorders. Because addiction is a chronic disease, maintaining a life of recovery requires treating every underlying mental health and wellness issues.

Many human being turn to “club drugs” to get over the pain and sadness in your lives. While there are no medicines for MDMA usage disorder, behavioral therapies and also support teams can enhance your possibilities of recovery.

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