What to Do once Live Lobster Arrives

The very first thing you have to do after receiving your order from key Lobster now is to open the package and also verify whatever you bespeak is there and the lobsters room alive. Be sure to manage the package and also the lobsters gently. If something is missing or wrong v the order, take photos andcontact our customer support.

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How to save Your Live Lobster in the Refrigerator

Live lobsters are extremely perishable and must be tackled promptly. It’s finest to chef your lobsters the job they arrive, but they deserve to be stored up to two days if needed.

If you need to store them as soon as they arrive, plunder the lobsters in damp document and save with ice cream packs or in the refrigerator and also keep them together cold as possible — however don’t frozen them.

If her refrigerator is big enough, save the lobsters in the shipping container and also place it in the refrigerator. If you have to take them the end of the container, cover her lobsters with a damp towel until you’re all set to chef them. Lobsters will die if they dry out, and also can only last so long when refrigerated.

Lobsters save this way will remain sluggish and moist, yet must be cooked in ~ 24-48 hours — ~ this, your invest in fresh seafood more than likely won’t it is in so fresh.

You risk a dead lobster and a shed meal if friend postpone your lobster’s rendezvous v your pots and also pans.

Some handling tips you’ll finitely want to keep in mental when dealing with live lobster:

Don’t location lobsters in insanity water. They are saltwater creatures, and also fresh water will certainly kill them.Don’t seal lobsters in an air-tight container.Don’t keep lobsters in stagnant water.

Preparing to cook Live Lobsters

Your lobsters will certainly arrive v thick rubber bands around their claws. Fishers location these top top the lobsters after they eliminate the lobsters from traps. You may leave the rubber bands on till after the lobster is cooked. That will protect you from acquiring snapped v a nipper — live lobsters are feisty.


To pick up a lobster, grab it by its body — not by the claws or the tail. As soon as you elevator the lobster, it will more than likely curl the tail and shot to strike you with its claws. Store your fingers far from the underside that the tail. It has actually edges that may reduced you if the lobster flips that is tail.

Putting Live Lobsters to Sleep

Killing a lobster is a crucial step in the preparation procedure that can be stressful for some people. The college of Maine Lobster Institute has actually fielded numerous questions around whether boil a lobster is humane. Their studies uncovered that a lobster has a primitive nervous system, similar to the of an insect. To feeling pain, an animal must have a facility nervous system.

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Still, over there are techniques for putting lobsters come sleep for this reason they nothing twitch your tails once boiled. We recommend minimizing how much a lobster move or twitches in boiling water through chilling the first. This involves putting that in the freezer because that 30 minutes. If that is still active after 30 minutes, store it in the freezer a while longer.