Cactus farming is very easy. You pretty much just plant a cactus block and wait for it to grow. However, there are a few tips and also tricks which might make it all a little easier and more efficient.

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The key things you must know about growing cacti is the they only flourish on sand, the can not be inserted next to other blocks, they will certainly destroy any block the is to reduce on it and they will harm players and also mobs who come into call with it.

This way you have actually to develop a zig zag pattern because that the cacti come grow, but you cannot construct a checkerboard layout field, choose the one in the image below, together you won’t have the ability to reach the cacti in the center without acquiring hurt by the cacti on the outside.


Instead, we use a path between every 2 block wide row the cacti, together this enables us come maximize the lot of land we use, there is no wasting as well much room in paths. With this setup girlfriend will lose some cacti blocks once they loss on various other cacti throughout harvesting, however it’s practically impossible not to lose any kind of (without wasting time).

You could likewise go because that paths in between each single row, however this provides up also much room and even in the setup you’ll finish up losing some cacti blocks.


(Semi-)Automatic farm

It’s possible, and very easy, to automate her cactus farm. You might make a totally automatic and semi automatic farm, the only distinction being the piston input.

In the example listed below we’ve develop 2 rows that pistons and cacti, i beg your pardon is around as compact as you can acquire (though the redstone could be an ext compact). The pistons will press forward when we traction a lever, i m sorry will cause the piston eight to reach any type of cactus block greater than the cactus base. Due to the fact that cactus blocks cannot be inserted next to other blocks, this cactus block will certainly pop out once the piston eight reaches it. Any type of cactus block on peak of that will additionally fall, as they’re no much longer supported.



Most the the fallen cactus block will fall into the water below, i m sorry will carry those blocks with the present to any collection spot friend like. However, countless cactus blocks will certainly either be damaged by fallout’s on other cacti or they’ll fall just on the leaf of the sand block. Regrettably this is a prize you have to pay because that (semi-)automatic farms.

To make your farm totally automatic, every you have to do is add a timer in between each input. You can do this v redstone clocks. One effective clock would certainly be a despawn clock, which supplies the 5 minute despawn time of blocks with wooden push plates, to send a signal when every 5 minutes, by simply adding a signal inverter in between the press plate and whatever it has to be associated to.

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