Hello. To be traveling v someone that does not want to fly anymore. Space there any type of regular services of some type to obtain to Hawaii by boat? like from California or or what on the west coast?

Thank you!

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Sadly, no. You can take a cruise ship, through all the trappings, from assorted points along the west shore of phibìc America. The is around 4.5 days in ~ sea each way, and include day-to-day stops at several of the major ports. The problem is the you cannot pick your own schedule or continue to be in Hawaii or top top one island as lengthy as girlfriend want. You hit-and-run a handful of ports.

I wish that a cruiseline, prefer Holland America, would have a flex setup for Hawaii. I can ship my automobile much less complicated than I can ship myself!

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There room some service providers that you can go indigenous the west coastline to Hawaii on. Royal Caribbean and Carnival involved mind. Better to cruise come Hawaii than no come in ~ all!!

Disney is beginning a cruise in October i think.

I would fairly spend the 5 work there and 5 days ago actually in Hawaii but to each their own.

There are lots of cruises to Hawaii. Plenty of are circle to the Mainland ...others take trip on to the southern Seas, brand-new Zealand, Australia. I have actually seen Crystal, Princess, Holland America (we took), Celebrity, royal Caribbean ... Others. Holland America seems to be in harbor (Honolulu) most frequently of the trans-Pacific cruises. You have the right to pull up every the cruises on assorted wesbites and also compare them. My allude is the 1) it's slow-moving 2) it's high value 3) girlfriend won't see lot of Hawaii 4) it's limit - no room because that spontaneity.

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9 year ago

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An easy method to uncover out what your cruise options are come Hawaii (or anywhere) is to usage http://vacationstogo.com/

I think you'll have to register there (it's free) to usage the find options.

Go come "Find a Bargain" and also then go into the criteria the is essential to girlfriend ... I.e. The an ar (Hawaii) & the months the you would consider doing the cruise. You have the right to leave the cruise line, cruise ship and also length that cruise part blank. To view what departures there are from the U.S., shot San Francisco, mountain Diego, Los Angeles and also Seattle.

A 14 or 15 day cruise, return native California, will give you 4 (or 5 max) job on Hawaii and also 8 sea days (4 every way).

While the cruise eliminates the problem of flying, if the target is to see & enjoy Hawaii, ns think that a cruise with at some point at each of the 4 main islands is a bad substitute for a land holidays there. The cruise would be much better suited come those who place an ext priority on the cruise suffer than the destination, enjoy numerous sea days and also don't psychic seeing simply a small portion of the destination. However, if that's the only method you can acquire your girlfriend to go to Hawaii, then by all way go by cruise ship. Hawaii is such a beautiful location that you'll probably be able to convince them to fly there and stay longer on your following trip :)