If you’re just beginning out her journey v kimchi, girlfriend surely have a lot of questions. As soon as you search for info on shelf life, the answers are everywhere the place, ranging in between 6 month to practically indefinite. The best means to store it isn’t clear either, as part recommend keeping it in the fridge, while others say you have the right to leave that in the pantry. What is walking on here?

Well, when it comes to how lengthy you have the right to keep kimchi around, and also how you need to store it, the all relies on exactly how you like it, and also when you’re going to consume it. So it’s pretty much impossible to offer a brief answer there is no providing much more context. And also in this article, we’re going to speak exactly around that: shelf life, storage, and also spoilage the kimchi, in detail. If that’s what you’re interested in learning much more about, keep reading.

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Can Kimchi go Bad? how To phone call If Kimchi Is Bad?

Of course, kimchi deserve to go bad, however if girlfriend take good care the it, it deserve to last months past the day on the label, or even years. But before we talk about feasible signs the spoilage, let’s very first cover some cases when some civilization think kimchi has gone off, however it hasn’t:

Kimchi turns very sour if you store it for an extended period at room temperature. It’s safe to eat, but you might prefer to add it come a soup, a stew, or include other veggies instead of eat it raw.If you store the kimchi stored for a lengthy time, you could find that the cabbage has turned soft. It’s perfectly okay to consume, but if girlfriend don’t choose your kimchi through wilted cabbage, try using it in a recipe.

When it concerns how to tell if her kimchi is spoiled, let’s talk about visual signs. If there’s mold or white film on top, there room two method to go around it. First, you can scoop the end the bad component (and climate some) indigenous the top, and eat the remainder that was extended in liquid/sauce. Or you deserve to err on the next of caution, and also discard it whatsoever. It’s as much as you, really, yet when in doubt, go v the more secure solution.

When it comes to other changes, the is altered flavor or smell, if it’s more sour than usual, that’s alright. It’s the an outcome of recurring fermentation. Yet if one of two people of these has actually turned “funny,” or “off,” or there’s other wrong about the kimchi, discard the product. Long story short, people are pretty great at noticing the food isn’t safe for consumption, therefore if you spider senses space tingling, hear to them.

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How lengthy Does Kimchi Last?

As I mentioned in the intro, over there isn’t one simple answer. If girlfriend asked a korean kimchi veteran (kimchi has actually originated in Korea and is a clip there ()) around the shelf life the the product, the or she would most likely say the it doesn’t go bad, just gets old (). That means you can keep it because that years if you take an excellent care the it. But as with with unpasteurized sauerkraut, kimchi won’t taste specifically the same forever, fairly on the contrary.

Kimchi is basically seasoned and fermented veggies. It’s (typically) no pasteurized, so all of the bacteria in there space alive. And also that way the product ferments all the moment (). Continuous fermentation reasons the kimchi to rotate sourer end time.

That’s wherein the day on the brand comes into play. In most cases, it’s there to indicate for exactly how long the kimchi need to taste great, and also not turn overly sour. Therefore if friend don’t choose it that acidic, make sure you eat it reasonably fresh. But if super tart kimchi is her thing, feel cost-free to save it for prolonged period.

Time isn’t the just variable in the equation, though. Temperature affects just how sour kimchi becomes, too. In short, the warmer the temperature, the much faster the fermentation. Therefore if friend buy a new jar that kimchi, and also put it in her fridge right away, it will certainly be much less sour that if girlfriend would’ve retained it at room temperature until opening.

As you deserve to see, this topic is a bit tricky, and it’s difficult to offer a brief answer to a question like “how long does kimchi critical in the refrigerator after opening?”. It depends on too countless factors, like how long walk you store it prior to opening, in ~ what temperature, and how sour kimchi is agree to you. In other words, you require to number this out for yourself, based upon your preferences and also the kimchi girlfriend buy or make. If you’re trying to find some turbulent estimates, the kimchi should taste it s okay for in between 6 and also 12 months after opening, provided it’s refrigerated and also weren’t really sour when opened.

Last yet not least, let’s talk storage.

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How To store Kimchi?

Okay, you currently know how storage temperature affect this korean staple. So as soon as it comes to unopened kimchi, the pantry and the fridge are both hard options, depending on your preferences and how long will the jar remain unopened. As soon as in doubt, refrigerate it. If you open it up and it’s not sour enough, leaving it at room temperature for a work or even two, until it reaches your wanted taste (). As soon as you open up the jar, it’s usually ideal to store it in the fridge to save the fermentation in inspect ().

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As usual, keep the jug closed as soon as not in use, and make certain to use clean utensils once scooping the veggies. Also though the acidic environment makes it difficult for any bacteria (other than those that are already there) to prosper in there, it’s finest not to take any type of chances. And just favor with sauerkraut and also pickles, make certain to save everything below the level the the sauce/liquid. This means the top portion won’t dried out and also possibly start to spoil.


Kimchi is a living food whereby fermentation that transforms the product sourer is ongoing. The warmer the warehouse temperature, the quicker the fermentation.You have the right to store unopened kimchi in ~ room temperature or in the fridge, depending on whether you choose it an ext or less acidic.Once you open up the container, it’s generally best to refrigerate it, to save the fermentation in check.If kimchi is not sour sufficient for her taste ~ above opening, leaving it (sealed) because that a day or 2 at room temperature