I'm thinking about dying my hair during summer. I'm not going to bleach my hair, it's fairly light and I'm not going for something bold, I want a relatively dark blue. I was wondering how long it would last and how it would fade. Will I get my natural hair easily or will I be left with some greenish hair ? What can I do if that's the case ? I would also appreciate it if you had color suggestions. I have my eye on Midnight Blue but if you have another suggestion, please tell me. Thank you !


Manic panic always lasts forever in my hair. I used vampire red mixed with purple haze 3 weeks ago and it's still very vibrant and barely faded at all. But some people say it washes out after the first wash, so... it all depends on your individual hair type, like someone else said.

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MP here! Remember it depends on the color, too. Vampire Red is our most pigmented shade and lasts quite a long time.

It's different for everyone but Manic Panic faded like a bitch for me. I had much better luck with Punky Color.

Be prepared that it might take months for the colour to fully fade, or it may never fade. You might also be one of the people the colour does not stick to at all and it comes off, after the first wash(es). You can ask other people, how fast the colour faded on their hair, but none can tell you how long it will take on your hair.

I would research what every colour fades to. Personally I could live with a purple or gray tinge much better, than with greenish hair. So I'd choose a purple based blue.

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What can I do if the color doesn't fade ? Because I do want to get my natural hair color back after a few months

From what I've read and been told by my blue-haired friend, blues are super stubborn and tend to stick around. What color is your natural color? Are you planning on bleaching first? If you're dying over medium or dark unbleached hair, it would probably be more of a tint than full color and could fade to something school/work appropriate by fall.

From past experiences manic panic faded really quickly on bleached hair and lightning fast on not bleached hair, also it tends to fade in weird shades not true to color (like dark blue fading greenish turquoise) If you want it to last longer you have to leave it on for like 12 hours or so. also Ive had it bleed on my face when it rained

Much prefer punky color personally. its more pigmented and the color fades to a lighter shade of the same color so no bad surprises