I'm thinking about dying mine hair during summer. I'm not going to bleach my hair, it's relatively light and I'm not going because that something bold, I desire a reasonably dark blue. I was wondering exactly how long it would last and how it would fade. Will certainly I obtain my herbal hair easily or will certainly I it is in left v some greenish hair ? What can I carry out if that's the case ? ns would also appreciate it if girlfriend had color suggestions. I have actually my eye on Midnight Blue yet if friend have one more suggestion, you re welcome tell me. Give thanks to you !


Manic panic constantly lasts forever in mine hair. I offered vampire red combined with violet haze 3 weeks ago and it's still very vibrant and also barely faded in ~ all. However some civilization say that washes out after the an initial wash, so... It all relies on your individual hair type, like someone else said.

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MP here! psychic it relies on the color, too. Vampire Red is our many pigmented shade and also lasts fairly a lengthy time.

It's different for everyone but Manic scare faded choose a bitch for me. I had much better luck with Punky Color.

Be all set that it might take months because that the color to totally fade, or it might never fade. Friend might also be one of the people the colour does not stick to in ~ all and it comes off, after the very first wash(es). You deserve to ask other people, how quick the colour faded on your hair, but none can tell you just how long it will certainly take on your hair.

I would study what every colour fades to. Personally I might live with a purple or gray tinge lot better, than v greenish hair. So I'd select a violet based blue.

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What can I execute if the color doesn't fade ? because I carry out want to get my herbal hair color ago after a couple of months

From what I've read and been said by mine blue-haired friend, blues room super stubborn and tend to stick around. What color is your natural color? are you plan on bleaching first? If you're dice over tool or dark unbleached hair, the would more than likely be an ext of a color than full color and also could fade come something school/work ideal by fall.

From previous experiences manic panic faded really conveniently on bleaching hair and lightning rapid on not bleached hair, also it often tends to fade in monster shades not true to shade (like dark blue fading greenish turquoise) If you want it to last longer you need to leave the on for choose 12 hrs or so. Likewise Ive had it bleed top top my confront when that rained

Much prefer punky shade personally. Its an ext pigmented and also the shade fades to a lighter shade of the same shade so no negative surprises