One of ours most common questions in ~ PharmacistAnswers is regarding how long a details drug remains in the body for. There very often isn't a clear reduced answer however we absolutely can make a good estimate based upon what us know about drug metabolism and also the special, of the medicine in question. See listed below for our latest question and answer regarding the weight loss medicine phentermine.

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Phoebe asked

How long does phentermine remain in her system? once will that stop arriving in a urine test?


While you don"t mention in your inquiry what toughness of phentermine girlfriend took, it doesn"t influence the answer much, if in ~ all. The component of the medicine profile we room going come look in ~ to determine just how long it continues to be in your mechanism is "half-life". "Half-life" just refers to the moment it take away the body to metabolize 50% of the drug. In various other words, for every half-life, 50% that the drug staying the human body is reduced. Us have shown this below:


While the half life the a certain drug is really indicative of just how long the medicine is detectable, over there are other variables have the right to influence the amount of time a drug continues to be detectable including the form of check being used, whether or not the drug has actually detectable metabolites, size of time utilizing the medicine etc... So store in mind that fifty percent life is however one factor.

For phentermine special, it has actually been mostly identified that the drug is detectable ~ above a conventional urinalysis test for about 5-6 fifty percent lives.The half-life the phentermine in the body is around 19-24 hours.So theoretically, phentermine will be detectable for about 5-6 days, based upon the test that is gift used.​>Below, we have contained some general data​ regarding phentermine and how the is metabolized in the body:


Phentermine is administered by mouth. There are no injectable formulations that the drug. That does not issue if the drug is offered with food or an empty stomach together that go not influence the nature of the drug.

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Phentermine is mostly excreted by the kidneys. The remove half-life varieties 19—24 hrs as mentioned above in the article and also slightly is affected by urinary pH. One acidic atmosphere lends the half-life to decrease to about 7—8 hours. Following administration, most absorption the phentermine wake up from the little intestine. The duration of activity following administration of the 8 mg capsules or tablet computers is around 4 hours and 12—14 hrs after management of the 30 mg capsules or the 37.5 mg tablets.