Scientifically, normal takes about 24 hours to move through your digestive tract, of which liquids take the least time. The exact time completely depends on the kind of you have consumed, your body type, metabolism, gender, age and certain other factors. Your gastronomical tract is constantly working on digesting, absorbing and eliminating Carbohydrates are the fastest to digest, while fats are said to take the longest time. So what about meat? Is it true that meat takes several days to digest? Read on as we debunk this popular myth.

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Does Meat Take Days to Digest?

We all are aware that meat is highly rich in proteins and fats. Fats and proteins do take time to digest as compared to others. According to the book Diet & Nutrition, A Holistic Approach by Rudolph Ballentine, while protein rich may require a considerable time to digest in the stomach and small intestine, it is fat that slows the digestion process most. Fats and oils are relatively complex molecules that delay the emptying of the stomach more than any other Animal products including meat, dairy and eggs ideally contain higher amounts of fats that any fruit or vegetable.

Fats and proteins do take time to digest as compared to othersAccording to Dietitian Sheela Sehrawat from Diet Clinic, meat takes about two to four days to digest. Your digestion starts from your chewing. The moment you start eating anything, your digestive juices starts working on it and transforms it into a rough mash. This mash moves to the stomach where it gets mixed and mashed again, further moving towards the intestines. This process varies in the case of meat, vegetables and grains. Meats leave a lot of ammonia which is flushed in the form of urea by the kidneys. This process requires a lot of water, therefore, you must drink plenty of water to digest meat faster.

What Can You Do to Boost Your Digestion After a Hearty Meat Meal!

1. Chew Multiple Times

It is imperative to chew your multiple times to mechanically help them break down and release gastric acid secretions in your stomach. This will make the stomach environment a lot more acidic, further helping to digest meat faster.

2. Eat a Few Pineapple Pieces

Eat a few pieces of pineapple before or during your protein rich meat meal. This fruit contains natural enzyme called bromelain, which further helps to break down the bonds between proteins, helping them to digest better.

3. Eat Papaya

Similarly, you can also eat papaya that contains enzyme compound called papain that facilitates digestion of protein. This fruit will also help avoid bloating and indigestion.

Papaya contains enzyme compound called papain that facilitates digestion of protein
4. Add Probiotics to Your Diet

Best way to aid digestion for meat is to add probiotics like yogurt and kefir to your meal. Probiotics are a wonderful source of friendly bacteria that help aid digestion.

5. Make Low-Fat meats Your Staple

Rather than choosing high-fat meat, choose low-fat one. While eating it in moderation is a wise step, you must also choose a healthier diet. Needless to say, low fat meats will make the digestion easy and fast.

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6. Marination Makes a Lot of Difference

One of the best ways to help meat digest faster is to marinade with acid (like vinegar) containing overnight. The overnight acid marinating will ensure breaking down of proteins, further increasing its digestibility.(Also read: How to Make Mutton Soft and Tender)


One of the best ways to help meat digest faster is to marinade with acidMeat does take a longer period to digest as compared to other smashville247.nets, however, you can always ensure easy digestion process if you follow the above steps and prevent any stomach related disorders.
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