This difficulty where the iphone phone is disabled for 22 million minutes appears to be quite a common occurrence and is frustrating many world who simply want to acquire their iPhone earlier working again! It seems bizarre, right? How have the right to one perhaps wait 22 million minutes to shot again? Well, this is rather of a glitch in the iOS software. This is what"s happening:

If you have actually a passcode collection on her iDevice, the an equipment will be disabled for a brief time if the passcode is gotten in too numerous times incorrectly. This is a defense feature, to avoid someone indigenous trying passcodes over and also over until they lastly (maybe) fight the best one. ~ entering the passcode erroneously a number of times, girlfriend will have to wait 1 minute before trying again. Then, perhaps 2 minutes the following time. Then 5 minutes, then an hour and so on.

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The reason the message appears with 22 million(ish) minutes is that the above mentioned passcode hold-up has been motivated by someone entering the passcode too many times and also the phone has stored a date and also time after ~ which friend can shot to enter an ext passcodes. However, before that date and time has actually been reached, something has actually caused the iDevice"s internal clock to reset to its factory setting. In this case, January first 1970. If you calculation the number of minutes presented in regards to years, months, days, hours and minutes, you"ll discover that it constantly takes you to the exact same date. The factory default date for the iDevice. January 1st, 1970. This is the same date that shows up when you move on one iDevice after an altering (or disconnecting) the interior battery. It has no means to psychic what date and also time that was, so the reverts to its default.

This pipeline you in a little bit of a mess, since no one wants to wait 40 odd years to be able to re-activate your iDevice. One means to achieve this is to affix it come the iTunes, but it has to be on the computer system that is the "controller" of the iPhone. The is, the computer that girlfriend sync it with. If you have actually never synced it, or it was synced v a computer that friend don"t have accessibility to anymore, friend will need to resort to a complete restore. That"s fine, other than that you will lose all your data. That means contacts, calendars, photos and also videos, SMS messages etc. If you have a service phone or laptop v sensitive info on it and you require assist backing up or encrypting up her data, then we recommend contacting Panoptic IT solutions - service IT Services and also Bespoke internet Design. Always make sure that you back up your work-related or an individual iDevice regularly. Come iCloud, or a computer, the doesn"t matter - just make sure you carry out it and encrypt any kind of work device!

So, here are the actions you can take. If you have actually synced her iPhone through your computer in the past and also you are acquiring the above message, make sure you have actually the latest version of iTunes installed and also then affix your iPhone. If every goes well, you need to be motivated to go into the passcode and also the phone must no much longer be disabled.

If this does not work, you will have to resort come restoring the iPhone. Please be conscious that this will eliminate all data from the iPhone. However, in this case, over there is no option. For this reason this is what girlfriend should shot next:

First, move off your iDevice. If girlfriend can"t move it off for part reason, hold the power button and also the Home switch at the same time for 10 seconds. This will pressure the an equipment to reset itself. The crucial thing in ~ this phase is that the device must not be associated to the computer system using the USB cable. You must start through the device switched off and not connected to anything.

Once you have actually the an equipment switched off, simply hold the Home Button (the round button at the bottom of the screen) and at the same time connect the USB-Dock cable to affix the maker to the computer. Don"t let walk of the home button! You need to proceed holding the home button until the affix To iTunes logo appears on the screen. At this stage, when you open up iTunes, girlfriend will check out a post saying that iTunes has actually detected a machine in Recovery Mode. The only option friend will have actually is the Restore option, i beg your pardon is specifically what girlfriend want.

Once again, click the Restore button will remove all her data and will upgrade the machine to the latest variation of the iOS software. If you had actually a backup of the device, you will have the ability to use that to Restore native Backup in iTunes as soon as the restore process completes. Restore native Backup in iTunes is a various process, i m sorry restores your very own data from an iTunes backup and also is not to be puzzled with the Restore choice which restores the actual software of the iDevice.

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We have actually some progressed procedures that space guaranteed to deal with this iPhone/iPad disabled problem. For the quickest and also easiest solution, download ours PDF guide to restoring her disabled iPhone/iPad now for only $12.95 $4.95 (specially reduced price for 1 day only!) :

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