What’s red and white (and black) and also blue? The decades-long fight between the manufacturers of three iterations the the iconic tri-colored, patriotic popsicles. Thanks to their comparable names and virtually identical appearances, you’ve likely mistaken these summertime staples – Bomb Pops, Rocket Pops and Firecrackers – because that one an additional plenty that times.

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And if they’ll generally only set you earlier a buck a piece, your manufacturers have millions the dollars in ~ stake as they continue their frozen, syrupy eight race. That will conserve us native this ice cold war, and how did we finish up below in the an initial place?

The original rocket-shaped however confusingly-named Bomb popular music was an initial invented in 1955 by D.S. “Doc” Abernathy and James S. Merritt, for Kansas City, Missouri"s Merritt Foods. The iconic red, white and blue stack was flavored cherry, lime and also blue raspberry. When Merritt Foods ultimately shut down operations in 1991, Bomb Pop manufacturing was sold off to Iowa-based Wells Dairy/Wells Enterprises. The frozen confections room still made now in La Mars, Iowa.

Rocket-shaped patriotic popsicles — photo courtesy the iStock / arinahabich

Over the years, Wells thrived its singular Bomb popular music into whole line that triple-stacked treats. A almost equally well known fudge and banana iteration was ultimately joined by a red-and-green watermelon variety. Licensing faces Jolly Rancher, Hawaiian Punch and Warheads candy resulted in subsequent treats. Disney even sold a Buzz Lightyear version in its template parks start in 2003. Merritt, and eventually Wells, had developed a look at unstoppable battery the desserts.

In 1971, Wells won a trademark for its creation, protecting its intellectual property across a wide range of categories, spanning “coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago, fabricated coffee; flour and preparations made from cereals, bread, pastry and also confectionery, ices; honey, treacle; yeast, baking-powder; salt, mustard; vinegar, sauce (condiments); spices; ice.”

Curiously, while ice is mentioned, the edible ices and ice creams filing categories were left lacking from the award.

You must go back in time a couple of decades further to obtain to the bottom the this dispute though. In 1905, one 11-year-old candid Epperson developed the very first popsicle, after accidentally leaving a mixture the powdered soda flavoring he had been toying around with the end on his porch overnight.

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He awoke in the morning to find the mixture frozen overnight, critically embedding the stick he had been making use of to mix his concoction with each other poking straight up indigenous the center. Through 1924, a much older Epperson began selling a much more developed version of his signature treats on California’s Neptune Beach. The ice cream pop was rechristened a "popsicle" – a portmanteau of pop and icicle.