exactly how long go a deserve to of coca-cola last? like a situation of them, sit in a room-temperature room. There is a day on the bottom (MAR1411), however what does the mean?

I have actually a have the right to with the world Cup top top it, and also I just came to be really curious.



It big indefinitely. The day you are seeing have to be perceived as a "best before" date. In time the soda can come to be flat and also the flavor will certainly degrade, but it will certainly still be potable as long as the have the right to was no compromised.

Based on feather at some Coke I recently purchased, it shows up that the day is likely 1 year later on from as soon as it was canned. The cans in mine fridge have a date of JUN1711; ns bought these in so late July.

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Plastic bottles. ~ above the other hand, have actually a much much shorter "best before" window. This is since the plastic bottle leaks the carbonation much faster than an aluminum deserve to does. I don"t have any type of bottles on hand, however if ns recall properly they frequently have a date only 3 months out.


Diet drink such as Diet Coke have actually a much much shorter shelf life since the artificial sweetener degradation rapidly. I believe the expiration date is top top the order of 3 months for cans. Not also much longer after that they taste pretty bad.

The corn-syrup based soft drink I normally see room undated or bring a coded day depending on the brand.

How and also whether soft drinks room dated different by brand and also possibly by bottler within a brand.

If you"re keeping the have the right to as a collectible, be conscious that the can will more than likely eventually construct a pinhole and the components will it is in lost. Bottle collectors never ever empty the bottles due to the fact that that adversely affects the value.


Bought a Dr Pepper (in a can) native the vending maker in the back. The date was Aug11/08 tho tastes good and it"s Oct22, 2012 :D


I have actually seen my grand drink old party of Pepsi & Coke the were over 25 years old. He buys & sell second hand items (mostly antiques). He"s called me many times that the old popular music tastes better.

btw: Heat changes nutrisweet - so there is a readjust in flavor that is unpleasant. I check out stores placing the crate of diet coke external in the sun - as soon as I watch this i wonder how often the soda is save on computer in a an extremely hot warehouse or truck! because that years I have bought 12 package of canned diet coke once they room on sale at holidays. Every one of a sudden - ns quit drinking them after being addicted come them for years. I have actually 3 12 packs that room approaching one year old - ns guess i will need to open one to see if that is worth giving to a relative.

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