I’ll never ever forget the years I invested working together a home manager for a client with a seven acre estate. This customer was what you’d speak to “well off”, and had several huge sheds and garages scattered throughout his property. While many folks have actually junk drawers in their home, this customer had junk sheds. One feather day if doing some organizing and also cleanup in among the garages I uncovered a bag comprise a few pounds that grass seed. The particle was nearly 5 years old! My very first thought was to litter it away, but just for funny I scattered the seeds in a thin area the the lawn and also raked it in. To my surprise, several of the seed actually germinated. No much, yet some. Had the seed been stored under appropriate conditions I’m certain the germination rate might have been much higher.

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Save Leftover Seed for Future Planting

I re-superstructure this story due to the fact that one that the most generally asked questions here at Nature’s ideal Seed needs to do withgrass seedstorage. Periodically after planting a brand-new lawn or overseeding an currently lawn it’s typical to have actually some leftover seed. Rather of throwing it far or scattering the over her lawn, store it for later on use. Leftover seed can come in handy because that filling in ceiling or slim spots in the future. It’s also great for rapid repairs after ~ sprinkler work-related or lawn damage.

How to StoreGrass Seed

To appropriately store grass seed, an initial make certain it’s put in the best kind the packaging. Breathable packaging is best, such together a fabric sack or burlap bag. Breathable materials will allow great air flow and also reduce the danger of molding. However, if you have a complete unopened bag the grass seeds it’s finest to leave it unopened in the original packaging.


Where to save Grass Seed

Next, place the seeds in a cool dried area that has actually some air circulation. Avoid areas that will freeze. This has sheds and unheated garages. Basements and cellars space usually a great choice as long as they’re dry. If moisture is a problem, location an open box of baking soda or part other type of desiccant in the particle bag. For those of us without basements, closets work-related well too. Refrigerators can additionally be offered if available. Collection the temperature between 40 and also 50 degrees Fahrenheit and use a desiccant to remove excess moisture. Where the area, be certain to store the bags off the floor and in a ar where mice and also other rodents can’t acquire to them. Nothing will damage a bag that grass seed quicker than a few hungry mice during the winter.

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How long Will that Last?

When save under these ideal conditions, grass seed must last in between 10-18 months from the testing date without a significant decrease in the germination rate. After this time the seed deserve to still be used, yet each year after the will see the germination rate drop. Most sources report a 10-20% decrease for annually grass seeds is stored.