My kids’ absolute favorite dinner that ns make is old fashioned fried chicken through rice and gravy. That means that I have actually been making and also storing gravy because that over 50 years now. I freshly wondered if I had actually been keeping it effectively all this time, for this reason I confirm a few sources, and also this is what I discovered out.

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Gravy can last in the frozen fridge for as much as 4 days. Dairy-free gravy deserve to be frozen for 4 to 6 months. Dried gravy mix the is unopened have the right to last for approximately 2 year in her pantry. Once prepared, gravy have to be inserted in one airtight container and refrigerated within 2 hours.

How long gravy lasts:

Gravy TypeRoom TemperatureIn the FridgeIn the Freezer
Dry, UnpreparedUp to 2 yearsN/AN/A
Prepared, DairyUp come 2 hoursUp to 4 daysN/A
Prepared, Non-DairyUp come 2 hoursUp come 4 days4-6 months
Source: USDA

The rest of the post will cover the simple storage accuse of gravy and also the details of just how to keep it properly.

How lengthy Does Leftover Gravy Last?

The shelf life that gravy relies upon the ingredients that were used and how fine you keep it. Milk or cream-based gravy will certainly last as much as 4 job in the frozen refrigerator if stored in one airtight container within 2 hours of cooking. Just make certain the container has a hard silicone seal, favor this one, found on Amazon. Otherwise, it might not last as long as friend hope.

Also, make certain you use good labels, like these, on any food the you store. Otherwise, it’s basic to forget.


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For dairy-free gravy, monitor the very same rules. You will still have to store it in one airtight container within 2 hours of prepare it. It can last as much as 4 work in the refrigerator and 4 come 6 month in the freezer.

Is Gravy good the following Day?

Gravy will certainly be an excellent the next day if you have appropriately covered and also refrigerated it within 2 hrs of do it. Just heat up the amount the you wish to use and put the rest of it earlier in the fridge. Perform not refreeze gravy once it has actually been thawed.

How lengthy Does Gravy Last the end of the Fridge?

Gravy should only it is in left the end of the refrigerator for about 2 hours. Treat that the same means you would any kind of other food item that need to be put away shortly after eat – specifically if you room making a vacation dinner and want to have actually gravy to offer with all of the leftovers. Bacteria can multiply quickly, and cold temperatures slow-moving that process down. Acquire it into the fridge promptly!

How long Will Gravy critical in the Fridge?

Cover the gravy and also put it in one airtight container. It will certainly be well in the refrigerator for 3 come 4 days. If it looks choose it has started come separate during this time, you can boil it for 3 minutes, line the gravy to smooth the end the texture, and also still safe eat it.

How lengthy Does Gravy critical in the Freezer?

If you have actually correctly put the gravy in the freezer in a freezer-safe airtight container, flour-based gravy need to be fine for 4 come 6 months. A gravy made v milk or cream should not it is in frozen. It will certainly separate during thawing, so setup to use it up or throw it out instead of freezing.


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Do not refreeze the gravy as soon as it has actually been thawed. One method to avoid this difficulty is to freeze it in serving-sized freezer bags (with the cooking date written on them v a sharpie). The way, you can prioritize which come eat first.

Can You freeze Gravy Made with Cornstarch?

Many people like to make gravy with cornstarch, and it is an excellent gluten-free substitute because that flour. You can freeze through cornstarch made gravy as lengthy as the cooking recipes does not incorporate cream or milk. Treat that the very same as you would certainly a flour-based gravy because that freezing.

How come Tell If Gravy has actually Gone Bad

Give the the “sniff test”- any type of gravy the smells cake or rancid is a negative sign. As soon as in doubt, litter it out.It look at “funny”- Gravy made v dairy have the right to separate in the fridge and still be safe to eat in ~ 4 days, yet if you see any kind of signs of mold whatsoever, throw it out.You left it out for over 2 hours prior to getting it right into the fridge- So you lingered over that holiday dinner and also dessert, appreciated the conversation, and didn’t gain the food put away in a timely manner. I recommend just tossing it out. That is much much better to “waste” gravy than to make yourself or someone rather sick.

What happens If you Eat bad Gravy?

If friend eat negative gravy, you can acquire food poisoning. To protect against this, it is critical to use meat that has been stored appropriately in a refrigerator or freezer prior to cooking it. The way, both the meat and the meat drippings will be safe to eat. If you are using ready-made gravy indigenous a deserve to or jug or a dried gravy mix, this should have actually been save on computer in a cool, dry place. Check the use-by date on the product packaging and also ensure the the packaging is still undamaged (i.e., appropriately sealed v no leaks or spills).

In general, bacteria grow much faster in a warmth environment, i m sorry is why refrigerating or freeze food will assist to keep it. If your gravy has not to be adequately preserved, you can end up through symptoms including nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting. Human being who are most delicate to food poisoning include the elderly, human being with chronic illnesses, and also pregnant women.

As always, when in doubt, litter it out!

How to effectively Store Ready-Made Gravy or Dried Gravy Mixes

Ready-made gravy in can be ~ or jars have the right to be good to have on hand (especially if you are pressed for time or don’t care for cooking). Dried gravy mixes can likewise simplify your meal preparation. Make certain to store them in a cool, dried place. They have the right to last as much as 2 years in her pantry, but it is safest to prepare them by the use by day on the manufacturer’s packaging.

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If you have already prepared the gravy or opened up the can or jar, please refer to the advice in this short article on how long gravy will certainly last outside of the fridge, in the refrigerator, or in the freezer.

Final Thoughts

After all this time it transforms out that I had actually been adhering to USDA indict perfectly. If there occurred to be any kind of gravy left after ~ a enjoy the meal (a rarely occurrence) ns have constantly stored that in an airtight container in the fridge. Unfortunately, I have actually never discovered out how long it will last since it is always gobbled up the following day. Maybe one day, I will certainly make some sub-par gravy therefore that civilization won’t be eager to eat the so fast. Fat chance!

Thanks for stoppin’ in because that a bit!

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