There is much more than one means to cook a hot dog and you will be blown away by the delicious and most importantly, easy alternatives there are. It is all about flavor optimization and then, that course, your favorite toppings.

And similar to boiling corn, you can be surprised in ~ how an excellent it tastes!


Cooking warm Dogs

This can be an inflammatory statement, yet there is a case to be produced Boiling warm Dogs. I recognize what you are thinking and I will begin off by saying, yes, they space in truth delicious. Ns guess the is a matter of personal preference, however you at least have to provide them a try.

And I know this because all of brand-new York City can not be wrong. They space boiling people!

They space a great alternative as soon as you don’t have actually the time come grill or if you simply don’t have a grill to work with. And while the doesn’t do them any healthier, think of the liquid as a vehicle to acquire even more flavor into your dogs.

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How come Boil hot Dog

Hot dogs are nearly always fully cooked as soon as you acquisition them in ~ the store. What you have to do at home is warm them up for optimal tastiness.

This procedure is an ext about heating them through and including a small flavor along the way. Be mindful not to chef them too lengthy or lock will gain mushy.


When making use of this method, never split your dog or poke holes in it. You want to save it sealed to the meat within doesn’t dry out or shed its texture. You deserve to use frozen hot dogs, just add a few minutes to the food preparation time.

You have actually two options when it involves your vessel. You can fill a large, large and deep saute pan with an customs or two of liquid. This method can make it tough to flavor your liquid however, so ns go a various route.


I find the finest thing to execute is use a 4-quart saucepan about halfway. I am partial come a large pot or saucepan due to the fact that it is less complicated to fit her seasonings while not crowding your dogs in the liquid.

Bring to a cook over tool high heat and cook until steaming hot. Remove the warm dogs(about 8-10 minutes) and also dab dry with a paper towel. Girlfriend don’t want the water come sog up the bun.

Then dress them how you watch fit.

Flavored boil Water

You have to flavor that liquid! Don’t obtain me wrong, water will work, however if you have the right to layer on the flavor, why wouldn’t you?!

Here’s the reasoning. Warm dogs aren’t watertight. The casing they room in is actually permeable meaning flavor have the right to go in.


Think the it as a stock. Friend wouldn’t simply use level water because that soup now, would you? ns didn’t think so. Translation, flavor the water.

Heat up part water with a bit of bouillon. Chicken or beef room both great, yet vegetable bouillon will occupational in a pinch too. If you desire a an ext adult flavor, you have the right to substitute the water for beer or make Bacon and Beer Sauerkraut.

You will boil off the alcohol for this reason it will still be kid-friendly. Either option is delicious.

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I like to include a couple of aromatics and also herbs to store things lively – think an onion, or part garlic, fresh parsley, and whole spices favor cumin seeds. If you desire a much more beer room flavor profile, include one or two whole star anise instead of the cumin.

Past that, it is all around the toppings. Even if it is you are a purist who thinks the a dog have to only come with mustard or someone who is a fan of maximizing their toppings v chili, cheese, and frizzled onions, you won’t ever before stop come think, “Wow, ns wish I had actually grilled these.”

Hot Dog Toppings:


Hot dog in Crock Pot

Making hot dogs in the crockpot is likewise a good option. That is at sight easy, but takes a little more time. The benefits room that that is great for parties and also to keep your dog hot.

Set your sluggish cooker come the low settings and combine the very same ingredient in the bowl, stirring come blend. Add hot dogs and cook on low for 1 hour, or until dogs room warm.

Change come the “keep warm” setup and they will be great for hours! set up your warm dog bar toppings right next to the sluggish cooker and you are great to go!his