The Israelites lived at mount Sinai for a year. Climate the cloud went far from the tabernacle. The Israelites adhered to the cloud into the wilderness. The priests brought the ark the the agreement in front of them. Jesus claimed he would certainly lead the Israelites come the promised land.

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The Israelites complied with Moses. They did not like the wilderness. Lock were no happy. They to be sorry they had left Egypt.


Jesus sent them manna. The world got exhausted of eating manna. Lock wanted some meat. Jesus sent some quails for them.


The Israelites came to the floor of Canaan. It to be the promised land. Moses sent out twelve spies into the land of Canaan.


The spies came back. They carried many kinds of fruit. They stated the floor was an extremely good. But some that the spies were afraid that the human being of Canaan. The civilization were big and strong. They lived in huge cities through walls around them.


The Israelites listened come the spies. The Israelites to be afraid. They assumed they might not record the land of Canaan. Castle were upset at Moses. They want to go back to Egypt. Lock did not have confidence in God.

Jesus was angry at the Israelites. He told Moses he would certainly not aid them anymore. Moses request God to pardon them. Jesus forgave them. Yet he would certainly not allow them enter the promised land. He told Moses to take the Israelites earlier into the wilderness.

God claimed they have to live in the wilderness for forty years. The older Israelites did no have confidence in God. They would die in the wilderness. Their youngsters would flourish up and go into the promised land. The Israelites went earlier into the wilderness.

One day the Israelites were very thirsty. There was no water come drink. Castle told Moses they wanted water.

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Jesus Christ said Moses exactly how to get water. Moses fight a rock two times with his rod. Water come out of the rock. The civilization drank the water.