The simple, step-by-step guide on exactly how to freeze chili and reheat it for future delicious meals.Freezing chili is a wonderful way to chef once and also eat twice (or more) and in this video, learn how that’s done! can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: how to freeze Chili & Reheat it for Future Lunches & Dinners (

Does Chili frozen Well?

Chili is a crowd-pleaser, but we don’t constantly have a group to feeding nor understand what to carry out with every those leftovers. We additionally know chili tastes much better the next day however did you recognize you deserve to freeze it and also enjoy those same delicious results later?

Freezing works whether you space making every meat or vegetarian chili. If the texture might change slightly due to the veggies and also beans, whatever still reheats in one cohesive, delicious lunch or dinner that you can serve with your favorite toppings and also add-ins or pack into a thermos container for a warm lunch. I use the freezing technique in this short article whenever ns make a twin batch that my famous Paleo Chili.

Best method to frozen Chili & Soup

There is a protocol come follow when it comes to freezing chili, soups, or any type of prepared food for that matter. Currently the vessel you desire to freeze foods in is totally up to you. Freezer-safe bags, as well as glass and plastic airtight containers, will certainly work. 

How to frozen Chili


Allow come cool under to room temperaturePlacing warm food in the freezer can reason surrounding items to partly thaw and refreeze, altering the taste and texture of some foods. 


Use thick, durable, freezer bags or airtight containersThere’s a factor heavy-duty freezer bags are saved for this one use! lock are easy to fill through your favorite liquid-based meals or cook ingredients and also safely freeze for 2 come 3 months. 


I recommend storing the chili in two-serving portions this reduces the lot of time you’ll need for it come defrost.

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How lengthy Does Chili last in the Freezer?

Once cooked, chili lasts up to 3 days in the fridge, anything longer than that, and it’s time to move it come the freezer.

Chili will certainly stay an excellent in the freezer for 4 come 6 months! So when I arrangement to make a batch, I’ll twin the recipe, use ½ because that dinners that week, and freeze the extra the day.

Whenever I’m in a pinch or recognize a day out my upcoming week will certainly be extra busy, I have a delicious dinner wait to be defrosted and also reheated.


How to Defrost Frozen Chili

Just likethawing chicken, chili can be s in the refrigerator, cold water, or microwave. Out of all the freeze methods, I favor overnight and also in the sink. Yet I can’t deny, once you’re in a pinch, a microwave is at sight handy!

Defrost in the fridge overnightPlace a container or 2 of frozen chili in a huge bowl and refrigerate overnight. The next day it have to be softer and also ready to heat up on the stove or microwave.

Defrost in waterPlace the container that chili in a sink complete of room temperature water. Check and also flip the container of chili till it’s defrosted.

Defrost in the microwaveIn a rush? run the fill or container the frozen chili under warm water therefore the frozen block detaches native the surface ar of the container. Transfer to a large bowl and also heat on high because that 5 minutes, stirring regularly until the chili is cook through.

Best Chili and also Soup Recipes

Now the we’ve talked about how to freeze chilis and also soups, let’s practice with a few of my favourite hearty recipes.

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