Chilling cookie dough is an essential part of most cookie recipes. Besides, that always good to just have cookie dough in the fridge all set to go. Yet how long have the right to you leave this deliciousness in the fridge? 

Generally speaking, cookie dough is an excellent for about two to 4 days in the fridge. Precisely how long depends on even if it is there space raw ingredients in the dough and whether it’s store-bought or homemade.

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I’m Angie, I’m a self-taught baker who’s to be baking because that 10 years. I love baking all sorts the treats, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, you name it. In my baking journey, I’ve do the efforts so plenty of baking recipes and learned that most dough is much better chilled and also then baked.

Today, I’m gonna share through you how long cookie dough is an excellent for in the fridge so you deserve to maximize the longevity of her cookie dough.

Let’s obtain rolling!


How long is Cookie Dough great for in the Fridge?FAQs

Why placed Cookie Dough in the Fridge?


The best means to store cookie dough is by freeze it. It’s best to role out her dough balls or scoop them out on a flat tray before freezing the dough because the dough will come to be rock hard and you will have to let that thaw, mix again before being maybe to shape the cookies again.

You can freeze her cookie dough for up to three months.


The complying with are some commonly asked questions about cookie dough in the fridge, I’ve answered them because that you below.

1. Walk cookie dough really expire?

Cookie dough go expire and also should not be ingested past its expiry date. The shelf life of your cookie dough depends on a couple of different factors. Is it an edible cookie dough or is the raw? What type of fresh ingredients space in your cookie dough?

Raw cookie dough containing life eggs and flour need to not it is in baked and also ingested previous its expiration day or girlfriend can obtain food poisoning.

2. How deserve to you phone call if cookie dough is bad?

You’ll know your cookie dough is bad if it starts to smell negative or acidic. Visually, girlfriend will recognize your cookie dough is poor if you notice the existence of mold.

3. Deserve to I use cookie dough that was left out overnight?

Generally speaking, girlfriend cannot use cookie dough left out overnight. Harmful bacterias may prosper out of raw eggs and also any dairy commodities incorporated in the dough. It’s it s okay if that a pair of hours, however overnight cookie dough is most likely to do you sick.

4. Deserve to you placed cookie dough in the freezer to chill?

You can put cookie dough in the freezer because that a short duration of time come chill – about 15 minutes. This will help stiffen increase the dough and aid you scoop them the end or roll them into dough balls. Chillin it because that longer, however, will result in an overly stiff dough the you will certainly not have the ability to manipulate.

That said, you can roll her dough into balls and also then freeze them. Cookie dough freezes well and also will also give her cookie elevation when baked.

Final Thoughts

Finding cookie dough in the fridge is prefer finding leftover Halloween candy in your pocket, always a very delicious surprise.

That said, after reading this article, you know much better now than to store your surprised in the fridge! Instead, shot the freezer and also you’ll have actually cookies for months if girlfriend don’t finish them all in one go.

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I hope i have answered her questions about cookie dough in the fridge. Just how do you normally store her cookie dough and what’s your experience like? walk they spoil? permit us understand in the comment below.