Dwight Howard’s baby mama, Royce Reed, claims he has actually 8 infant mamas. She claims he has 8 kids but Dwight defines that that has 5 children. This short article will provide information about the baby mamas we’re familiar with. Countless NBA fans dislike Dwight because he didn’t get along with Kobe Bryant.

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Dwight and also Kobe had two different perspectives when lock played together in Los Angeles. Kobe was focused on winning an additional championship through the Lakers, through any method necessary. Dwight to be worried about staying healthy. Howard wants to continue to be in the NBA because that a long time due to the fact that his child support payments room expensive. Kobe want Dwight come play through injuries however Dwight refused.

Hope Alexa Dwight Howard baby Mama

Tiffany Render is the mother of Dwight’s daughter, Layla. She go by lot of names, consisting of “Helena” and “Whitney.” In 2015, Tiffany sue Dwight for an ext child support. She was receiving $10,000 per month but that’s nothing considering Dwight’s NBA contract. In 2017, the NBA superstar made more than $23 million.
Royce Reed Dwight Howard infant Mama

Christine Vest

In 2013, Dwight invited a infant boy v his girlfriend, Christine Vest. Your adorable son, Trey, is watched in the image below. Like his relationships v his various other baby mamas, Dwight’s relationship with Christine didn’t last. The couple broke up and in 2015 she dubbed him out for gift an missing father.
Christine Vest Dwight Howard infant Mama

Those room the infant mamas we’re certain about. There was another woman named Marion Douglas who declared to have a son by Howard yet that information has actually not been confirmed.

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