The tactical shotgun is a misunderstood tool. It’s often seen as old school and conveniently reput by the contemporary carbine. The shotgun is a viable weapon that has actually the capability to be the many functional weapon in an armory. The shotgun is a very effective weapon, for this article we are looking at the 12 gauge particularly. The other calibers are viable, however the contemporary tactical shotgun is a 12 gauge.

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The Weaknesses

To understand the shotgun you need to understand its weaknesses. Tright here is a great expression from Dirty Harry, “A guy has to recognize his constraints.” A guy (or woman) must likewise recognize their weapon’s restrictions. Lets look at the greatest fregulations.

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Addressing the Weakness

The initially weakness is variety. We can’t readjust the principle of the weapon, we can’t give a shotgun the very same array as a rifle. So what we need to carry out is mix both appropriate devices and proper technique.


This is why we have an excellent and correct collection of sights. I choose the ghost ring LPA adjusteady rear rifle sight, and a great solid front sight. A bead sight functions well, don’t obtain me wrong, but if you want to maximize both selection and also accuracy a great collection of adjusteady sights are perfect. When you select an adjustable collection of sights you want to dial them in for your slug of alternative. A excellent collection of sights have the right to just get you so far.


My method is to reload from my belt or plate carrier first. My usage of the side saddle is for when I should repack as fast as feasible. Practicing the shoot 2, load 2 approach additionally teaches you ammo management. Obviously, tbelow are times once you can easily run dry. That is likewise why it’s crucial to be able to refill from dry swiftly.

The initially step is getting a round in the chamber and also getting the weapon pointing back on target. Then feeding the tube while keeping the weapon on targain. This is your tactical reload. If there’s a lull in the fighting you deserve to refill the weapon by twisting it sidemeans and relaxing it in the crook of your firing arm. This is an admin, or ready repack.


If you are rocking a pump activity shotgun you understand the recoil is going to be significantly stronger. Tbelow is a advantage to this recoil. You have the right to usage the rearward momentum of the weapon’s recoil to assist you pump the weapon. With a semi-automatic shotgun, you are actually going to feel much less felt recoil than via a pump.

Cant Beat functional ammo choices

Regardless of the kind of shotgun recoil monitoring is going to be crucial. Recoil administration is easier sassist than done. To understand the shotgun you need to hit the range and also begin shooting the weapon. The just way you deserve to really improve your recoil management is to become so offered to a 12 gauge recoil it’s just a mosquito bite. In regards to gear, the just thing I’ve uncovered to occupational is a basic Limbsaver pad. It’s exceptional what much less than 15 bucks can do for you.

Run your Gun, Not your Mouth

The shotgun is the a lot of versatile weapon you can fire from the shoulder. A load of buckshot deals even more damage per swarm than any kind of other conventional shoulder fired weapon. A solid tactical shotgun is a terrific weapon for home defense, as a truck gun, or in the patrol cruiser. At the end of the day, it’s another tool in the box.

This short article is courtesy of Travis Pike from The Arms Guide.

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