The tactical shotgun is a misunderstood tool. It’s often seen together old school and conveniently replaced by the modern carbine. The shotgun is a viable weapon that has actually the capacity to be the most versatile weapon in an armory. The shotgun is a very powerful weapon, for this write-up we are looking at the 12 gauge specifically. The other calibers room viable, but the contemporary tactical shotgun is a 12 gauge.

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The Weaknesses

To know the shotgun you have to understand that weaknesses. Over there is a an excellent phrase from Dirty Harry, “A man has to know his limitations.” A guy (or woman) should additionally know your weapon’s limitations. Allows look at the best flaws.

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Addressing the Weakness

The an initial weakness is range. Us can’t adjust the principle of the weapon, us can’t offer a shotgun the same selection as a rifle. So what we have to do is mix both proper equipment and proper technique.


This is why we have a good and proper set of sights. I like the ghost ring LPA adjustable rear rifle sight, and also a good solid prior sight. A bead sight works well, don’t get me wrong, but if you want to maximize both selection and accuracy a an excellent set of adjustable sights room perfect. As soon as you choose an adjustable collection of sights you want to dial them in for her slug that choice. A great set of sights have the right to only acquire you for this reason far.


My method is come reload from mine belt or plate carrier first. My usage of the side saddle is for as soon as I need to reload as fast as possible. Practicing the shooting two, load two method also teaches friend ammo management. Obviously, there room times when you can easily run dry. That is additionally why it’s vital to have the ability to reload from dried rapidly.

The first step is gaining a ring in the chamber and getting the weapon pointing back on target. Climate feeding the pipe while keeping the weapon top top target. This is your tactical reload. If yes sir a lull in the fighting you can reload the weapon by twisting it sideways and resting that in the crook of her firing arm. This is one admin, or prepared reload.


If you room rocking a pump action shotgun you know the recoil is going come be substantially stronger. There is a advantage to this recoil. You deserve to use the rearward momentum of the weapon’s recoil to assist you pump the weapon. Through a semi-automatic shotgun, you space actually going to feel less felt recoil than through a pump.

Cant Beat versatile ammo choices

Regardless of the form of shotgun recoil management is walking to it is in critical. Recoil monitoring is easier said 보다 done. To grasp the shotgun you must hit the range and start shooting the weapon. The only means you deserve to really enhance your recoil monitoring is to become so used to a 12 gauge recoil it’s merely a mosquito bite. In regards to gear, the only thing I’ve found to work-related is a simple Limbsaver pad. It’s amazing what much less than 15 bucks have the right to do because that you.

Run your Gun, no your Mouth

The shotgun is the most versatile weapon you can fire indigenous the shoulder. A pack of buckshot deals much more damage every shot than any other standard shoulder fired weapon. A solid tactical shotgun is an excellent weapon for home defense, as a van gun, or in the patrol cruiser. In ~ the end of the day, it’s another tool in the box.

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