BON JOVI has been do music for years - yet how many youngsters does the leader and also namesake Jon Bon Jovi have?

Bon Jovi - just how may children does Jon Bon Jovi have? (Image: Getty)

Jon Bon Jovi with Dorothea (Image: Getty)

“We gain each other and we never fell for the trappings of what celebrity can do.

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“We"ve experienced that take place over the year to world that were close to us and also people that us knew from afar.”

While they met in 1980, castle were together for nine years before they married, which was a romantic story in itself.

Jon and also the band were on The new Jersey Syndicate tour in 1989, as soon as - throughout a avoid in Los Angeles - they secretly went to ras Vegas and also got married at the Graceland Wedding Chapel top top April 29, 1989.

Bon Jovi (Image: Getty)

This secret wedding to be the structure of their life together, throughout which time they have had 4 children.

Their eldest, Stephanie Rose, was born may 31, 1993, smashville247.netmplied with by their boy Jesse James Louis top top February 19, 1995.

Jasmashville247.netb Hurley to be born on might 7, 2002 and also their youngest son, Romeo Jon, was born on in march 29, 2004.

The smashville247.netuple have currently been together for 40 years and also married for more than 30 years.

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Jon Bon Jovi v his wife and also children (Image: Getty)


Dorothea has been around throughout all of the life the the tape Bon Jovi, which started with Jon’s love the the guitar.

Jon began playing and performing live native the age of 13, in 1975, through his band Raze in i m sorry he play piano and guitar.

He then formed a band v David Bryan age 16, and also by 1980, they had formed new bands and resmashville247.netrded their an initial single, Runaway, which came to be Bon Jovi’s debut.

By the mid-1980s, Jon allowed Runaway smashville247.netme be play by a local brand-new York radio station as he ongoing to try to make himself well-known in the brand-new York music scene.

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The song shortly picked up traction and in march 1983, Jon smashville247.netntacted David who smashville247.netnsequently gathered bass player Alec john Such, guitarist Richie Sambora and drummer Torres to do a quick tour of the song.

The band were smashville247.netnveniently signed to Mercury Resmashville247.netrds, part of Polygram, despite at the time the band did not have its name.

One person said two-word bands such as Van Halen to be successful, and also Bon Jovi was selected.

By 1985, the tape was a hit, and the rest is history, yet Dorothea was always by Jon’s side and also his kids quickly followed.

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