Inexpensive dried bean belong in any kind of pantry, where you deserve to store them because that years. Using them in location of canned beans cuts under on recyclables in the garage and also frees increase food storage an are in the kitchen. They also cost substantially less per pound than canned beans and also give you regulate over the lot of salt in your dish. Despite dried beans admittedly take much longer to prepare, requiring a soak and also extended cooking time, they easily sub for canned in many recipes. Figuring out how many beans you must swap dried because that canned in a recipe is simple when you understand the an easy measurement equivalents. Store in mind the beans vary widely in size, for this reason if you want to swap a various dried bean because that the selection called because that in the recipe, you might need to readjust the amount come compensate.

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Use these valuable average conversions and also general rule of ignorance to measure dried beans:

2 cups of dried bean = 1 pound of dried beans1 lb of dried beans = about 6 cup of cook beans1 component dry beans = 3 parts cooked beans1 cup dried beans = 3 cups of cooked beans1/3 cup dried bean = 1 cup of cooked beans

While they provide you with a an excellent starting point, these rules of ignorance vary based on the dimension of the bean. Bigger varieties such together pinto and lima beans productivity a bit less when cooked, while smaller ones such as garbanzo and also navy beans yield more. Save in mind the dried beans an ext than twin in both volume and also weight once you cook them, and you should have the ability to estimate the lot you need in most cases.

A heaping 1/2 cup of dried bean = one 15-ounce deserve to of beans1 1/2 cup of cook beans, drained = one 15-ounce have the right to of beans1 1/2 pounds dried beans = one #10 have the right to of cooked bean (109 ounces)

Canned beans equate come cooked beans, so food preparation dried beans prior to you measure up them because that a recipe written with canned beans usually outcomes in a much more accurate conversion.

For recipes requiring an exact proportions, friend should always cook and drain the dried beans before you measure up them, using the typical equivalents together a rough guide to estimate the amount of dried beans you need to prepare. Plenty of bean recipes are relatively forgiving and also adjustable. However for just the right balance in a three-bean salad or in a pot of combined bean soup, you could need come make part adjustments once you convert from canned to dried ingredient quantities so one p doesn't dominate the dish.


You can need to rise the lot of salt you add during cooking when you usage dried bean in ar of canned. You can purchase box beans through no added salt, however many contain salt chloride, which is added both because that flavor and also as a preservative. Rinsing canned bean does to wash away several of this added salt, yet recipes created for canned beans typically compensate with much less or no salt included during cooking. Since dried beans contain no salt, you need to include it for flavor as soon as you cook the beans or increase the lot of salt in the recipe to taste.

Interchanging bean in a recipe generally works fine. For example, you have the right to substitute kidney beans for pinto beans in a chili cooking recipes or a p salad without much change to the appearance or in its entirety flavor. In dishes through beans together the key ingredient, such as hummus or refried beans, you might or might not be happy with the result, however. Hummus, which frequently calls because that mildly nutty garbanzo bean (also referred to as chickpeas), won't taste the same if you usage dark red kidney beans, although friend may at some point really like the flavor.

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Generally, versatile beans do it basic to experiment and also use what you have actually on hand. As a tasty resource of protein, lock can also stand in for meat when you want to cook with pantry staples instead of making a operation to the store.