From Passover come Pentecost

Explore the Power and also Presence of the holy Spirit in 50 Days

In native Passover come Pentecost, Cynthia shares that the bible tells us to counting the fifty days beginning with Passover and also ending with Pentecost, referred to as in Hebrew Shavuot (Leviticus 23:15-16). It to be on this fiftieth day referred to as Pentecost the the very first believers received the holy Spirit (Acts 2). They had actually been wait in Jerusalem because that the “Promise of the Father” once God’s Spirit fell on them. I believe that as we wait upon the mr from Passover come Pentecost, prepare our mind by providing Him our love and devotion, us too have the right to receive a fresh endowment the power and revelation v the ever-present living soul of God!

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What world Are Saying

“Cynthia, friend blessed me v your devotional, from Passover come Pentecost. Truly, her rare quiet soul as a believing mrs of God came v in each everyday entry. Countless times, throughout these devotionals i sensed the soul of our living God whispering and guiding me v your explications.” – Kristy, Maryland

“Cynthia, native Passover come Pentecost was so, so great for me. Ns am so blessed by her deep knowledge of oh my god Word used to mine heart v your writing. Please proceed these composed devotions. My book is all underlined and tear stained.” – Caryl, Wisconsin

“Cynthia, your publication From Passover come Pentecost has spoken to me so personally! God has actually used your insight to encourage me throughout a complicated time.” – Christine, Illinois

“Cynthia, i cannot call you how much your publication Passover to Pentecost has actually meant to me. Every day it appeared as if the divine Spirit had written it just for me. Your publication reminded me that together close together I desire to be to His heart that He is also closer come mine.” – Catherine, Wisconsin

“I love your publication Cynthia from Passover come Pentecost. What awesome heart rendering things you have written, it occasionally brings me come tears.” – Lydia, brothers Columbia

“I want to thank Cynthia for creating her exorbitant book, indigenous Passover come Pentecost!!!!! i THOROUGHLY appreciated reading it!!!!!! i looked forward each day come a brand-new treasure the wisdom and insight into her partnership with Jesus. I want to do these blessings my own! currently that I’ve read the whole 50 days, I setup to go back through it and study all the locations I’ve underlined and also special i so I have the right to work on make those insights component of me! I sure hope Cynthia will write much more books — the mr really speaks with her a lot!” – Ellen, Illinois

“Cynthia, i am currently reading her devotional book, from Passover come Pentecost. Today’s passage was Day 21; the subject Don’t protect against from 1Timothy 6: 11-12. Ns was so touched by the beautiful, encouraging words that you wrote, that i was decreased to tears. Say thanks to you so much for creating this devotional. The content is therefore rich and also encouraging.” – Regina, California

“Cynthia, your book, native Passover to Pentecost, has actually blessed me for this reason much. Every day you speak to my heart and also touched the pain in mine soul. I will pass it on to others so the they, too, can uncover healing in that is words.” – Janet, Florida

“Cynthia’s publication is Fabulous!!! So beautifully written; captivating, and also just specifically what i needed!!! It was such an answer to prayer; completely speaks to my heart, soul and spirit. I sense the divine Spirit, and can solid wait to review the following devotion….and pray the prayers” – Marge, Canada

“My husband & I started using Cynthia’s devotional, from Passover come Pentecost, during our devotional time with each other & it has so blessed us. My husband claimed he feeling closer come the holy Spirit 보다 he ever before has. Us ordered a copy because that our daughter & child in law.” – Barbara, Indiana