Fax number format is the very same as the of continuous phone numbers. Each consists of an area code, a three-digit prefix, and also four staying digits. International fax numbers look a bit different from domestic fax numbers, yet they perform resemble global phone numbers. The main distinctions in how fax numbers space written revolve about how they room formatted and punctuated.

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Write the area password of the fax number. Place the area code in parentheses, despite this is no necessary. Create a hyphen or duration after the critical number in the area code through no spaces before it if you pick not to usage parentheses.

Write the three-digit prefix the the fax number. Encompass a room after the right parenthesis that the area password if you pick to use parentheses about the area code. Leaving no spaces ~ the hyphen or duration if you pick to compose the number there is no parentheses.

Write a hyphen alongside the three-digit prefix if you used parentheses around the area password or if you composed a hyphen between the area code and also the prefix. Compose a period next to the three-digit prefix if you have used a period between the area code and the prefix.

Place the four remaining digits of the fax number alongside the hyphen or period. Leave no spaces in between the hyphen or duration and the 4 remaining digits. A perfect fax number might look favor (xxx) xxx-xxxx, xxx-xxx-xxxx or xxx.xxx.xxxx.


An international fax number includes the worldwide dialing code, the country code, the city/area code and the local fax number. Because that example, +xxx xxx xxx xxxx. Hyphens or spaces can be used between the numbers. The plan of the area/city code, three-digit prefix and also four staying digits will likely vary, depending upon the nation you space calling. Each country has its own preferred fax/phone number format. The variety of total digits additionally may differ from domestic fax numbers. Because that example, 61 is the nation code for Australia, and 880 is because that Bangladesh.

Note the 011 is the U.S. International calling code. Dial this first to send an international fax from the unified States.

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