A dodecahedron is a three-dimensional number having twelve faces that are pentagonal in shape. All the encounters are level 2-D shapes. There are 5 platonic solids and also dodecahedron is among them. Platonic solids room convex polyhedra in i m sorry the faces are comprised of congruent regular polygons with the same variety of faces meeting at each of their vertices. A dodecahedron is made up of 12 congruent pentagons through 3 pentagonal deals with meeting at each of that 20 vertices. There room two types of dodecahedrons - regular and irregular dodecahedrons.

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Dodecahedron is obtained from the Greek native "dōdeka" means "12" and "hédra" way "face or seat" that shows that that is a polyhedron through 12 sides or 12 faces. Hence, any kind of polyhedra v 12 sides deserve to be called a dodecahedron. That is made up of 12 pentagonal faces. The dodecahedron meaning can be far better understood utilizing this illustration.


Let's assume the you room living in one of the platonic solids, and also you have actually a house in among the vertices. Your next-door neighbors are living in the various other vertices. Every morning you go on a jog, you operation in a straight line, never turn or adjust your path. Is it feasible to go in a right line and also return to your residence without going with your neighbors' houses? You'd most likely assume the the answer is - no!

For end 2000 years, mathematicians have known around platonic solids but recently, a team of 3 mathematicians - Jayadev Athreya, David Aulicino, and also Patrick Hooper uncovered the solution to this problem in a dodecahedron. The dodecahedron has 31 such various paths.

The network of a dodecahedron helps united state to recognize the faces, edges, and vertices. You have the right to make your very own dodecahedron form from the dodecahedron net presented below.


Steps to do a dodecahedron shape:

Take the printout of the dodecahedron net.Fold follow me the within lines.

A consistent dodecahedron has actually 12 constant pentagonal sides. You can see in the image of the dodecahedron net shown above that there are 12 pentagonal sides on a dodecahedron.

The surface ar area the a Dodecahedron ≈ 20.64 × a2 square units (where a is the size of one side)

The Volume that a Dodecahedron ≈ 7.66 × a3 cubic devices (where a is the length of one side)


Let us learn some crucial properties (sides, edges, shapes, vertices, angles) pertained to the dodecahedron.

Sides - A dodecahedron has 12 pentagonal sides.Edges - A dodecahedron has actually 30 edges.Vertices - It has actually 20 Vertices (corner points), and at each vertex 3 edge meet.Shapes - Dodecahedron shapes can be viewed in numerous real-life situations like the roman dodecahedron, dodecahedron dice, etc.

Dodecahedron Tipc and Tricks:

The dodecahedron and also icosahedron have an equal number of edges, i.e., 30.Icosahedron is called double of dodecahedron as both that them have the same variety of edges. Icosahedron is the platonic shape that has actually the largest variety of faces and has the largest volume of all the platonic solids.

Think Tank:

According come the Greek philosopher Plato, the tetrahedron symbolizes fire; the cube symbolizes the earth; similarly, every the platonic solids indicate something. Execute you understand what a dodecahedron symbolizes?

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Example 1: Kate is working on a consistent dodecahedron mathematics project. Can you aid her uncover the ratio of the volume that the dodecahedron come its surface ar area for the offered value of side length?


We know, volume (V) = 7.66 × a3 and surface area = 20.64 × a2, where a is the side length. On separating the volume by surface ar area, we get, V/A = (7.66 × a3)/(20.64 × a2). ~ above solving, we get V/A = 0.3711 × a.

Therefore, V/A = 0.3711 × a.

Example 2: Dominic was play a map game, and also while roll the dodecahedral dice, he wondered around the volume of that dice. Deserve to you find out the volume the this dodecahedral dice whose next is of length 0.43 in?


We know, dodecahedron's volume (V) = 7.66 × a3 cubic units.

Given, a = 0.43 in. Substituting the value of a in the volume formula, we get, V = 7.66 × (0.43)3 cubic inches.

Therefore, the volume that the dice is 0.609023 in3.

Example 3: The sum of the length of every the edge of a constant dodecahedron is 150 in. What is the surface area that this dodecahedron?


We understand that a continual dodecahedron has 30 edges. Thus, the length of each edge is 150/30 = 5 inches.

Surface area = 20.64 × a2

On substituting a = 5, we get A = 20.64 × 52 square inches.

Therefore, the surface area is 516 in2.

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