Fairy Tail: exactly how To gain Started through the Anime & Manga Fairy Tail was a long-running shonen collection with the likes the Naruto and also Bleach as its contemporaries. Exactly how can brand-new fans dive in?

Hiro Mashima"s Fairy Tail tells the tale of Lucy Heartfilia together she joins the titular Fairy Tail guild and embarks on cool adventures throughout the idyllic fantasy country of Fiore v Natsu Dragneel. The plot pits Lucy and also her lover friends against foes of all shapes and sizes, from apricot of dragon to shrewd demons and also dark wizards, and the manga and also anime are constantly welcoming new fans.

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This series isn"t quite as notoriously long as One Piece, but newcomers to Fairy Tail may desire some signposts on how they deserve to experience this story at your convenience. There"s no wrong method to enjoy the adventure, yet here are some means to dig right into either the manga or anime.

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Where To read The Fairy Tail Manga

The Fairy Tail manga series clocks in in ~ an impressive total of 63 volumes, so manga collectors are urged to resolve some far-ranging room on their bookshelves because that this lengthy story. Every 63 quantities are easily accessible in English, and there room hardcover omnibuses well-known as Fairy Tail Master"s edition that collect four volumes each. The separation, personal, instance volumes can be uncovered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Rightstufanime and also other retailers for around $9.99 each, when the omnibus collections will certainly run around $29.99 from the same providers. Pan can additionally find the sequel series Fairy Tail 100 year Quest, though those volumes are still releasing.

A potentially much more cost-effective alternative could be seeking out the Fairy Tail crate sets, which collection 11 quantities each for between $78-$120. There are three box sets at this time available, with a fourth to be released on April 27 of this year. Package sets can be uncovered on Amazon, Rightstufanime and Barnes & Noble. The individual volumes of Fairy Tail can be discovered on Amazon as well, and also are obtainable digitally via Kindle and also comiXology. The digital versions can be purchased for $7.99, or lock are had in a comiXology unlimited account ($5.99/month).

Barnes & Noble uses digital version of every the Fairy Tail quantities for the NOOK at around $9.99 each. Barnes & Noble"s virtual catalog also provides the Fairy Tail spinoff manga series on NOOK too. The includes Happy"s Heroic Adventure and City Hero, in addition to Blue Minstral, Fairy Tail S, and also Fairy Tail: ice cream Trail -- which is also obtainable in print. There is likewise a spinoff collection known as Fairy Tail: Fairy Girls, with BOKU as the author. The six present volumes that Fairy Tail 100 Years search can additionally be discovered here, both in print and also with NOOK.

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Where To clock The Fairy Tail Anime & Films

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Anime fans can try out the prolonged Fairy Tail adventure through several various streaming solutions or go after physical duplicates with DVD or Blu-ray editions. However, they should note the the anime has actually its same share that filler episodes, and also the animation style changes partway through once the series" animation studio changed.

Fans trying to find physical duplicates of either the Blu-ray or DVD have the right to start the adventure at Amazon or Rightstufanime. Castle each sell the multi-part Blu-ray arsenal for approximately $41 each. The 2 movies, Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Princess and Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, are obtainable from the exact same outlets for in between $22.99-$26.24 top top Blu-ray.

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Those who choose streaming their Fairy Tail contents can find all 328 episodes of the anime on Crunchyroll subbed in English. Meanwhile, Funimation supplies the entire series in both subbed and also dubbed, and the 2 movies are available too. The series can likewise be viewed on Hulu from start to finish.