How many feet of cable does it take to make one Slinky? each one is do from 80 feet of wire and also over a quarter billion Slinkys have been offered worldwide.

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Kepler"s 3rd law hypothesizes that for every the small bodies in orbit approximately the same central body, the ratio of (orbital period squared) / (orbital radius cubed) is the same number. Moon #1: (1.262 days)² / (2.346 x 10^4 km)³Moon #2: (orbital period)² / (9.378 x 10^3 km)³If Kepler knew what he was talking about ... And also Newton confirmed that that did ... Then these two fractions space equal, and also may be composed as a proportion.Cross multiply the proportion:(orbital period)² x (2.346 x 10^4)³ = (1.262 days)² x (9.378 x 10^3)³Divide each side by (2.346 x 10^4)³:(Orbital period)² = (1.262 days)² x (9.378 x 10^3 km)³ / (2.346 x 10^4 km)³ = 0.1017 day²Orbital period = 0.319 earth day = around 7.6 hours.

The driver the a auto slams on the brakes once he watch a tree impede the road. The automobile slows uniformly with acceleration that −5.2

The car strikes the tree through a final speed that 4.165 m/s

The acceleration have to be the -5.19 m/seg2 to stop collision by 0.5m


First we should calculate the initial rate



Once we have actually the early speed, we deserve to isolate the final speed from following equation:


Then we deserve to calculate the aceleration where the automobile stops 0.5 m before striking the tree.

To do that, we replace 62 m in the an initial formula, together follows:


Force = mass x acceleration : __________.a. For any force, over there is an equal and also opposite reaction force. B. The orbit of each p

a. For any force, there is one equal and opposite reaction force.

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Newton 3rd law of motion states that " because that every action, over there is one equal and also opposite reaction.

Action force= reaction force =

M₁ * a₁ = M₂ * a₂

where M₁ = fixed of thing 1

a₁ = acceleration as result of object 1

M₂ = massive of thing 2

a₂ = corresponding acceleration due to object 2

this occur in daily life of one individual. An example is viewed in a groups of three guy exerting a push pressure on a revolution car, the push pressure on the automobile make the vehicle to exhibit some motion equivalent to the force used by the three man.