Ferrari Sales Data & patterns for the U.S Automotive Market

Ferrari sales in the US have actually been very stable, as they’re minimal by the firm itself, which has promised never ever to produce much more than 7.000 dare a year to keep exclusivity. The us is still one of its most necessary markets, also though its need in China has soared in recent years.

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Ferrari imports every one of its cars for the US industry from its factory in Maranello, Italy. Unfortunately, Ferrari does not specify its us sales through model. Likewise find Ferrari sales in Europe.

*Ferrari united state sales space estimates.

Annual vehicle Sales

Year Sales development
1998 820
1999 996 21.46
2000 1,200 20.48
2001 1,140 -5.00
2002 1,204 5.61
2003 1,312 8.97
2004 1,176 -10.37
2005 1,420 20.75
2006 1,513 6.55
2007 1,761 16.39
2008 1,700 -3.46
2009 1,467 -13.71
2010 1,547 5.45
2011 1,701 9.95
2012 1,764 3.70
2013 1,944 10.20
2014 2,110 8.54
2015 2,124 0.66
2016 2,326 9.51
2017 2,518 8.25

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BARTFirst, give thanks to you for the work-related you’ve put right into the sales data….was in search of sales data top top Ferrari in the U.S. And also your beforehand numbers do not complement the number (approximate) that historically have actually been comprehensive for Ferrari…..until the last couple of years, Ferrari had actually a declared policy of never ever producing an ext than 6000 cars per year because that the world…that number is now up in the 7000-8000 selection (world wide), due an ext to demands of being a publicly company…..but…at no allude have lock ever produced 24,000+ cars/year or even 13,000….was wondering how those numbers to be derived….be interested in your comments…very finest regards

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