The 30 gallon fish tank in particular is perfect for beginners. These tanks have actually less limitations compared to smaller sized nano tanks. They have the right to house a variety of tiny fish types and likewise a few medium sized varieties too.

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Whilst castle are an ideal for beginners they are additionally perfect for an ext experienced fishkeepers who desire to develop a types only or breeding tank.

Are friend considering a 30 gallon aquariums?

Keep reading to learn every little thing you need to understand including: autumn ideas, running costs and much more…


All about 30 Gallon Fish Tanks30 Gallon Fish Tank stocking Ideas

All around 30 Gallon Fish Tanks

A 30 gallon fish tank is a wonderful size for beginners.

It is big enough to record your attention yet it is still smaller than much bigger (100 gallon tanks) aquariums that have the right to be daunting to place.

30 gallon tanks are qualified of stop a huge variety of fish and are typically considered the biggest sized nano tank the is available. It comes in numerous different forms which method it can fit into any kind of room in the house, office or school.

This is a really versatile tank size and it deserve to be provided to set up most freshwater or saltwater environments.

A tank this dimension is likewise much much more budget-friendly than bigger tanks too!

How many Fish deserve to You store In A 30 Gallon Tank?

A beneficial rule to keep is psychic is “one inch of fish per gallon“.

Lots of fishkeepers monitor this rule for fish stocking.

This means that because that every inch of an adult fish, 1 gallon is required to make certain they have sufficient space.

For example Neon Tetras with 1.2 inches when completely grown, for this reason a 30 gallon tank will host 25 Neon Tetras.

This an approach of calculation for fish stocking must be provided as a turbulent estimate. Girlfriend should also consider the activity level and also behavior that the fish. A highly active fish will need more space 보다 a low activity fish.

Also the quantity of décor should additionally be taken right into consideration. You need to aim for around 50% décor coverage due to the fact that anymore than this deserve to reduce the amount of swimming room inside the tank.

Benefits the A 30 Gallon Fish Tank

This size tank is an excellent an option for beginners. A 30 gallon fish tank is not as minimal as various other nano-tanks, therefore you have much much more freedom with types and décor selection.Smaller aquariums are regularly the best if you have actually a minimal budget. Not just are smaller tanks cheaper to buy, but they are likewise much cheaper to share too.Unlike larger tanks the 30 gallon aquarium is simple to maintain. Typically they will only require a continual 20% water changes, frequent water-testing and also routinely check of the equipment. These activities do not take very long and also are easy duties to do with a smaller sized tank.They deserve to be uncovered in countless different styles and shapes which way they can fit in pretty much any room.A 30 gallon tank is the perfect dimension for a breeder tank. They are suitable for one of two people freshwater or marine types and are good tanks for aquarists who desire to difficulty themselves and have a walk at breeding their very own species.

30 Gallon Aquarium Dimension

A standard 30 gallon fish tank will measure up 36″x13″x16″.

However the exact dimensions will rely on the shape and also brand friend pick.

Breeder tanks usually have a various ​width and height to aid create a squarer base which is needed for breeding. This 30 gallon breeder tanks typically measure 36″x18″x12″.

The weight of this aquariums will depend on the material – they deserve to come in glass or acrylic.

An empty 30 gallon glass tank will weigh around 50lbs and also once stocked it will roughly 350lbs.

How much Does A 30 Gallon Aquarium Cost?

There room a couple of key things which will influence the price of one aquarium:

MaterialShape and DesignEquipment Included

You can find this tank in either glass or acrylic.

Glass is scratch resistant but it has tendency to it is in heavier. You must expect to pay roughly $300-$500 for a 30 gallon glass aquarium.

Acrylic aquariums are an ext durable, lighter, but they space much an ext expensive than glass. Suppose to pay approximately $600 because that an acrylic tank.

The shape and also design deserve to also affect the price of the aquarium.

A basic rectangular design will be the cheapest, and much more exotic shapes prefer bow front, cubed or hexagonal being more expensive.

The last point that will affect the price is whether you are buying the tank ~ above its own or as component of a kit. You must expect to salary $50-$100 more to acquire a kit v your tank. These kits usually encompass all the an easy equipment you require to set up your tank including: lighting, filter, heater and also a pump.

Just remember that if you room on a tight budget plan then take into consideration getting a offered tank. For a 30 gallon you have to expect to pay about $200 because that a supplied one.

What to consider When to buy This Tank


There are numerous things to consider when purchasing a 30 gallon fish tank.

The an initial thing friend will must think around is the positioning and also placement of the aquarium. Girlfriend will must make sure the aquarium is no straight sunlight top top the tank (sunlight will reason algae growth). You will likewise need to save enough room around the tank therefore you can do continuous maintenance since you won’t be able to move the tank as soon as it is stocked.

Once you recognize where friend would prefer to position the aquarium you have the right to then decision what shape would be best.

Another an extremely important suggest to consider is your budget. Your spending plan will include the aquarium, stocking and also equipment, and also the monthly expense of running the aquarium. This will encompass electric, stocking the aquarium and also monthly purchase of food, cleaning supplies and water testing kits.

For a tank this dimension you deserve to expect to invest close to $200 ~ above equipment, $50 for décor and also another $50 because that stocking. On optimal of this the average expense of to run the aquarium will certainly be approximately $15 depending on the food and also cleaning offers you buy.

Finally, girlfriend will require to think about the kind of devices you need.

Most aquariums will require at the very least a heater, lights and a filter. The power of your devices will mainly depend ~ above the fish you are planning come keep. Make certain you research each species properly therefore you can buy suitable equipment because that them.


30 Gallon Fish Tank autumn Ideas


With a tank this dimension you have a most stocking options available.

Small schooling fish are the most popular option for beginners.

Neon Tetras, black color Neon Tetras and Lemon Tetras are simply some of the desirable types which you have the right to keep in a 30 gallon aquarium. They make colorful additions to planted aquariums. Another small species loved by aquarists space Rasboras. They room a peaceful neighborhood fish the are really common in tanks under 30 gallons. Girlfriend could shot Chili Rasbora.

It is feasible to save a pair of Dwarf Cichlids or Dwarf Gouramis. Simply know the these fish are slightly more tough to treatment for because of their details water parameters.

Catfish varieties and non-fish tank mates do exceptionally well in tiny aquariums favor this.

Some even assist to stop algae that can frequently happen in smaller aquaria too.

Shrimp room amazing small helpers and also Amano Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp are well-known choices.

If you room planning to produce a marine atmosphere then there are likewise lots of options.

For a tiny marine reef tank, the Clown Goby would certainly work really well.

Banggai cardinalfish are likewise a great addition to a little reef tank.

Clownfish are one of the many popular and also well-known saltwater fish so you could consider them too.

Tank Setup Ideas

Freshwater Nano Tank

Freshwater tropic aquariums are good for beginners.

They are also much cheaper than saltwater aquariums.

There room lots of an excellent schooling species that would certainly make a good addition to this aquarium. An instance community tank can include 2x honey Gouramis, 5x Zebra Danios and 1x Corydoras.

Nano Reef Tank

What far better way to capture attention and also spark conversation than v a reef tank?

Some wonderful beginner corals are: candy Cane Coral, Ricordea florida and also Hammer Coral.

You could make a hard rock reef, with a few anemones and also a pair that fish. Several of the most renowned saltwater aquarium fish include: Firefish, Tangs, Mollies, Damselfish and Clownfish.


You could likewise turn your 30 gallon tank right into a paludarium.

Paludarium room aquariums the contain one aquatic and terrestrial environment.

This tank can keep plenty of semi-aquatic varieties including turtles, frogs and also some reptiles, together with many other freshwater fish.

How To collection Up A 30 Gallon Tank


Setting up a 30 gallon fish tank is reasonably straight forward.

First girlfriend will should clean and remove any kind of dust native your preferred gravel and décor.

Once this is done you should location the substrate very closely into the tank. Friend will want the gravel to it is in a maximum elevation of 2.5 inches. For a live planted aquarium the substrate requirements to be at least 2-3 inches.

You have the right to then begin to fill the tank with water.

If you room going to save live plants you must fill the water to just under a 4 minutes 1 of the tank. Climate you have the right to plant the roots within the sediment and also continue to to fill the tank as normal.

Next girlfriend will have to fit the lights, heater, filter and also any other devices that you choose to have.

Switch on and add the compelled water treatments, water conditioner and a bio filter. The following step is the one of the many important. The tank will have to be cycled. This period of time enables a natural organic filter to establish and also create a healthy setting for her fish. The cycling period takes roughly 4 weeks to complete.

Once the tank is cycled nitrites must read 0 ppm and also then her fish have the right to start to it is in added.

Common Problems

The most common problems through a 30 gallon fish tank are overstocking and also irregular maintenance.

Let’s begin with overstocking.

There are many wonderful and diverse species that deserve to live in little tanks yet unfortunately you have the right to only pick a limited number of these species. A crowded tank can increase aggressive behavior. It will also increase the opportunities of sickness and disease within the aquarium from the buildup of overfill waste.

Make sure to read our fall advice earlier to stop overstocking.

30 gallon aquarium are basic to preserve when continual water testing and scheduled clean is done. Yet with tiny tanks this advice can sometime be ignored and the results have the right to be deadly.

With smaller sized volumes of water the water parameters can readjust quickly. This can come to be fatal come the fish or make them an extremely unhealthy.

You need to make certain you test the water parameters weekly to avoid sudden and deadly water changes.

Should You obtain A 30 Gallon Fish Tank? (Summary)

The beauty beauty of the 30 gallon fish tank is the you can stock a great variety that fish without worrying about the tank acquisition up too much space. This tank is versatile, simple to maintain, and also budget friendly.

They are perfect for many different aquarists with different experience levels and also are among the best options for beginners.

Because this tank is available in so countless different shapes you can find one to fit nice much any kind of room.

Just remember that it is basic to overstock this tank therefore make sure you arrangement carefully. In enhancement you will should perform regime cleaning and water trial and error to make sure your fish stay healthy.

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With an excellent planning and scheduled maintenance, this aquarium will certainly make a great addition to any kind of home.