Calculate how plenty of gallons or liters the water are needed to to fill a swimming swimming pool by picking the swimming pool shape and also size below.

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If you’re below then there’s a an excellent chance you’re make the efforts to discover the dimension of your pool in gallons or do the efforts to number out just how much water is required to to fill it. Keep analysis to see the volume formulas for miscellaneous pool shapes.

How to calculate the Volume that a rectangular Pool


You can uncover the volume that a rectangular swimming swimming pool in gallons by multiplying the length by the width by the typical depth in feet through 7.48. The formula to uncover pool volume in gallons is thus:

volume = size × broad × depth × 7.48.

The an initial part the this formula identify the volume the water in cubic feet. The second part converts cubic feet to gallons; there are 7.48 gallons of water per ft3 the water.

Most pools have actually varying depths that slope from shallow come deeper. To accurately find the volume that water, you’ll should estimate the median depth. To uncover the average depth add the shallow depth through the deep depth, then division by 2, e.g. (shallow + deep) ÷ 2.

How to calculate the Volume that a one Pool


You deserve to calculate the volume the a one swimming swimming pool by multiplying 3.14 time the radius in feet times the radius in feet time the median depth in feet times 7.48. Thus, the formula is:

volume = πr2 × mean depth × 7.48

The an initial part that this formula (πr2) determines the area, and also multiplying by the depth find the volume. Multiplying by 7.48 find the gallons of water every ft3 that water.

How to calculation the Volume of an Oval Pool


You deserve to calculate the volume of one oval swimming swimming pool by multiplying the length times the broad in feet time 3.14 split by 4 times average depth in feet time 7.48. The formula is:

volume = size × width × π ÷ 4 × depth × 7.48

The an initial part of this formula (length × broad × π ÷ 4) determines the area, and also multiplying through the depth find the volume. Again, multiplying by 7.48 identify how numerous gallons the water space in the pool.

Like a rectangular pool, the mean depth can be discovered by including the shallow and also deep depths and then separating by 2.

How to calculate the Volume the an rarely often, rarely Oblong or Kidney shaped Pool


The volume of a oblong or kidney shaped pool is a little an ext complicated. You can calculate that volume by multiplying the length in feet time (the much shorter width in feet + the longer width in feet) times .45 times the average depth in feet times 7.48.

volume = length × (short broad + the long width) × .45 × depth × 7.48

The very first part (length × (short width+ long width) × .45) is used to discover the area, and then the volume is uncovered by multiplying by the depth. Favor before, multiplying by 7.48 finds the number of gallons in the pool.

Weights and Measures

To discover pool volume in liters you deserve to use our gallons come liters unit switch calculator or multiply the gallons by 3.79.

To find the load in pounds that the water in the pool, you deserve to multiply the number of gallons through 8.33, or use our water weight calculator.

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One cubic foot of water is 12″ vast × 12″ lengthy × 12″ deep and weighs 62.4 pounds.


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