You have actually probably heard propane referred to in pounds: 20 lb tank, 33 lb tank, 100lb and so on. That describes the load of the tank as soon as it’s complete of propane. But understanding just how much propane that is have the right to be confusing. This also makes it challenging to understand how big a tank you will certainly need. After all, we typically measure liquids in gallons, no by weight.

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To aid you far better understand what dimension tank you need, right here is a break down of usual propane tank weights/sizes, how numerous gallons are in each, and common supplies of each.

Common Propane Tank Sizes and also Their Uses

Important: propane tanks are frequently only filled come 80% capacity to allow the propane to safely expand. Even when that is full, a propane gauge will just read 80%.

20 lb, 30 lb, 40 lb Tanks

Typically provided for grilling and patio heatersHolds 5 gallons that propaneVery portable, simple to pick up

33 lb Tank

Used to strength forklifts2’ tall, 1’ in diameterHolds 8 gallons the propaneCan be choose up and moved by one person

100 lb Tank

Used for a selection of purposes, including fireplaces, cooking, dryers, barbecues, and also heating on temporary job sites4’ tall, 18” diameterHolds around 25 gallons once fullPortable, however may call for two people to move. A dolly is an excellent tool to assist move a 100 lb tank.

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Two 100 lb Tank Setup

Two 100 lb tanks are connected with a switchover valveWhen one tank operation out, the valve will immediately switch come the full oneAlways have a back-up supply the propane v a red/green indicator to tell you as soon as tanks are low

420 lb Tank

Used for a range of purposes consisting of heating the home, warm water heaters, dryers, fireplaces, generators, and heating pools4’ tall, 3’ diameterHolds 100 gallons of propaneNot portable- deserve to only it is in refilled with on-site propane delivery service

330 Gallon Tank

The most typical size for home heating and also water heatersNot portable

500 Gallon Tank

Can be supplied in residences (whole-home systems, generators, pool heating) or commercially (heating, dried cleaning, cooking, crop drying)Suitable for dwellings that room 2,500 come 4,500 square feet5’ tall, 10’ longHolds 400 gallons in ~ 80% capacityCan be placed above ground or buried listed below ground

1,000 Gallon Tank

Can be supplied in residences (whole-home systems, generators, swimming pool heating) or commercially (heating, dry cleaning, cooking, chop drying)Suitable for most residences 4,500 square feet and also larger5’ tall, 16’ longHolds 800 gallons in ~ 80% capacityCan it is in placed over ground or buried listed below ground

Still Not sure What size Propane Tank girlfriend Need?

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