WATER volume OF my POOL

Please usage the charts below for your pool water capacity. ~ initial to fill up of her pool, you will only must replace water native evaporation, filter backwashing or splash.

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Make sure throughout the year to have actually your pool water checked, on opened your pool, mid season and also closing, for ideal chemical levels. All our shop are collection up for free WATER TESTING.

In stimulate to number out exactly how to effectively does chemicals for your pool, it is often needed come determine roughly how numerous gallons of water your swimming pool holds. Girlfriend will also need to know how countless gallons of water her pool contains if you select to include a pool heater, warm pump or solar heater.

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Aboveground pool Sizes48 customs Deep52 inch Deep54 inch Deep
12 Ft Round2,975 gallons 3,395 gallons3,825 gallons
15 Ft Round4,645 gallons5,310 gallons5,975 gallons
18 Ft Round7,645 gallons8,200 gallons8,600 gallons
21 Ft Round9,105 gallons10,405 gallons11,700 gallons
24 Ft Round11,895 gallons13,595 gallons15,209 gallons
27 Ft Round15,050 gallons17,205 gallons19,350 gallons
30 Ft Round18,585 gallons21,240 gallons23,900 gallons
33 Ft Round22,485 gallons25,700 gallons28,900 gallons
8" X 12" Oval2,265 gallons2,435 gallons2,550 gallons
10" X 15" Oval3,540 gallons3,805 gallons3,990 gallons
12" X 18" Oval5,095 gallons5,480 gallons5,740 gallons
12" X 24" Oval5,945 gallons6,795 gallons7,850 gallons
15" X 21" Oval7,440 gallons7,990 gallons8,360 gallons
15" X 24" Oval8,465 gallons9,135 gallons9,580 gallons
15" X 30" Oval9,295 gallons10,620 gallons11,950 gallons
16" X 32" Oval10,575 gallons12,085 gallons13,580 gallons
18" X 24" Oval10,200 gallons10,950 gallons12,750 gallons
18" X 33" Oval12,265 gallons14,020 gallons15,770 gallons
18" X 39" Oval17,360 gallons17,800 gallons18,600 gallons
In Ground swimming pool SizesWith 6" Deep EndWith 7" Deep EndWith 8" Deep End
16" X 32" Rectangle15,360 Gallons19,200 Gallons21,210 Gallons
18" X 36" Rectangle19,440 Gallons24,300 Gallons26.700 Gallons
20" X 40" Rectangle24,000 Gallons30,000 gallons33,000 Gallons
Liners are Not Returnable. You re welcome measure your swimming pool one an ext time prior to you open the box and likewise check crate for suitable liner type and size! IF friend purchased the wrong size or form of liner and also DID NOT open up THE crate you deserve to Exchange it because that the proper form and size.