Learn much more about Elton John’s glasses, why the wears them and where girlfriend can get them. - by Rhys McKay


Elton john has likewise been famous for his flamboyant personality, both onstage and off, as well as his pioneering assistance of the LGBT smashville247.netmunity and also the battle against AIDS. He came out as bisexual in 1976, and also then as gay in 1988.

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What’s Special around Elton John’s Glasses?

Elton John’s sunglasses room as wild and also diverse as his personality is, and they’re a fundamental part that his costume. Occasionally he goes out to a concert with large glasses v rococo inspirations or windshield wiper glasses. Other times, that Elton John’s star glasses or zoom glasses thefts the show. 


How many Glasses walk Elton man Have?

It seems prefer he has actually a pair because that every occasion and emotion – and also this may not be far from the truth; Elton John’s glasses collection is claimed to consists “...a quarter of a million of pairs of glasses…”!

Why walk Elton man Wear Glasses?

Why go Elton start wearing glasses in the first place? The price lies in an additional famous rock star indigenous even previously in history. Also though Elton had actually 20/20 vision, he said that he began wearing horn-rimmed glasses once he was 13 in honour the the 1950s absent ‘n’ role icon, buddy Holly.


The numerous Bespectacled looks Of Elton John 

Like his music and his incredible personality, Elton John’s glasses aren’t going out of style any type of time soon. Below are a couple of of his many iconic styles, as well as where you need to look if you desire to uncover Elton man glasses for sale.

Shape Glasses

One of Elton John’s most famed styles and one of his many frequently-copied watch is his use of funny glasses with wacky shapes. His love glasses and star glasses are the best-known styles and also you’ll check out them almost everywhere the world, whether you’re walking down Hollywood Boulevard or in ~ your neighborhood Halloween costume party. The layout has tackled a life that its very own to the allude that some people don’t even associate it v Elton john anymore!

You can find smashville247.netparable glasses ~ above Quay because that $AUD50.


Round Glasses

If she going for a much more casual look it is still an ideal for day-to-day wear. Elton John’s round glasses are your finest bet. Other musicians favor Ozzy Osbourne and also John Lennon additionally sported these fancy circle glasses. Round glasses in warmth colours, such together yellow glasses, red glasses, and orange glasses, go an extremely well with this look.

Get some standard circular glasses on Etsy for just $AUD29.91.

Coloured Glasses

By far the simplest Elton john look smashville247.nete recreate, you have the right to buy coloured specs everywhere. Green glasses, blue glasses, pink glasses and white glasses are several of the ideal colours smashville247.nete get, especially if you going for the fancy dress layout that Elton John used with his ‘Rocket Man’ look.

Get the standard "Rocket Man" sunglasses over at Parties digital for $AUD7.95.

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Pulling off The Look

Style isn’t just about wearing a particular outfit – it’s around embodying the heart of the outfit and being confident enough to do it work. Elton John’s sunglasses can have looked cool by themselves, however it was Elton John’s personality that really enabled him to shine. 

When you put on a pair of these crazy glasses, you’re celebrating your own personality just as lot as you honouring Elton John’s stylistic choices. Hold your head high whenever girlfriend wear them, strut her stuff, and you’ll pull it off!

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