A sad fact of life is that plenty of of our relationship don’t revolve out choose we had actually hoped. In 2019 in the United says alone, there were end 782,000 divorces.1 Wedding rings, a symbol of those marriages, end up being sources of resentment quite than the delight they are claimed to represent.

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Many human being look to sell their wedding rings and also other sentimental jewel after a divorce. They’ve lost the special, symbolic an interpretation they once held, and also being do of yellow it makes a lot an ext sense to offer it 보다 tossing it into the ocean.

Don’t be like Rose

If your companion was likewise heir come a Pittsburgh steel fortune, then perhaps your wedding ring and other jewelry must be marketed in a personal auction or put in a museum. However if you’re prefer the remainder of us, her wedding ring is most likely worth a pair hundred dollars and also you simply want a fast, convenient method to gain a same price for it.

How lot is your wedding ring worth?

The value of your wedding ring depends on three key factors:

The weight of your ringThe purity of the yellow in your ringThe present price of gold

The load of your ring

When pricing her gold, you need to figure out just how much gold is actually in her ring. The very first step come doing the is weighing it. Depending upon the style and size that the wedding band, the weight have the right to vary native 3.4 grams come 5.8 grams.

At Express yellow Cash, us use frequently calibrated, high-precision weight equipments to calculate the precise weight of your ring and also other jewelry.

The purity that the yellow in your ring

Gold to plan for everyday use – choose a wedding ring – is not made of 24k (pure) gold. Pure yellow is much more prone come blemishes and also wear and also tear, so it isn’t encourage for everyday use. Adding other metal alloys come the yellow strengthens it and keeps it looking great for years.

What this way is the your ring is component valuable gold, component worthless alloy. Wedding ring are commonly made that 10k, 14k, and also sometimes 18k gold. The higher the variety of karats, the more your gold is worth.

18k = (18k/24k) = 75% gold 14k = (14k/24k) = 58.3% gold10k = (10k/24k) = 41.7% gold

With a 18k gold ring include 80% an ext gold 보다 10k ring, the purity the the ring has actually a vast impact on the pricing. If you’re feather to sell your yellow wedding band, expect it’s 18k gold!

The present price of gold

The last factor that determines just how much you can gain for your wedding ring is the present price that gold. If the price fluctuates frequently, yellow is well-known for that price stability, particularly in time of financial crisis.

In respectable of 2020, gold hit that is all-time high that $2074.88/troy ounce. Friend can inspect the existing price of gold here.

Calculating the value of her gold band

Bring it every together, you can calculate the melt worth of your gold by multiplying those three components together:

Weight of your ring gold purity price of gold = value

For example, let’s to speak you have actually a 4g, 14k gold wedding tape to sell and also the present value of yellow is $2000/ounce. The calculation would look choose this:

4 (14/24) $64.302 = $150.03

Note that $64.30/gram is equivalent to $2000/troy ounce.2 The melt worth of your ring would certainly be $150.03.

How much can you market your wedding ring for?

At Express yellow Cash, we are transparent with our customers around what us pay because that gold. We pay approximately 85% that the sleek value of yellow jewelry.

So, indigenous the instance above, we would certainly pay up to $127.53 for the yellow wedding band. The much more gold friend have, the greater the amount we’re able come pay.

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Want come learn more about how much gold wedding bands deserve to be worth? check our our recent payouts because that gold rings now! here are a couple of examples of payouts indigenous happy customers:

14k yellow Ring – we Paid $156.35!
14k gold Ring – we Paid $390.87!
14k gold – we Paid $78.17!

1 https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/marriage-divorce.htm2 1 troy ounce = ~31.1034768 grams. So the price every gram in ~ $2000/troy oz is $64.30/gram. Remember, a troy ounce is different than a consistent ounce! There are ~28.3495 grams in a regular ounce.