Donny Osmond got in the brand-new year v a new addition! The Donny and Marie alum announced the bear of his 12th grandchildren after his eldest son, Don Jr., and also his wife, Jessi, invited their 4th baby just days prior to the start of 2021.

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“We officially have a dozen!” the proud grandfather, 63, composed alongside image of his child grandchild via Instagram top top Tuesday, January 12. “Debbie and I are so excited the our 12th grandbaby was born 2 weeks ago. Don and Jessi welcomed Christian, their fourth son, top top Tuesday, December 29, 2020, and we are already in love.”


“Thanksgiving is extra distinct this year,” the “I’ll make a guy Out the You” singer sweetly penned beside pics that the family members of 3 on society media. “Aussie is here and also she is therefore beautiful!”

In enhancement to Christian and Aussie, Donny is a doting grand to his big number of various other grandchildren. Don and Jessi share three older kids, if his boy Jeremy, 39, and also his wife, Melisa, are the love parents the three. The star’s other son Brandon, 35, and his wife, Shelby, also make up a family members of four. Donny’s youngest son, Joshua, 22, and also his wife, Summer, have actually yet to welcome youngsters of your own.



Out of all the career highlights and impressive accolades he is received, Donny said experiencing parenthood and also grandparenthood has actually been the best blessing in his life. However, the I deserve to See your Voice panelist couldn’t be the best father of five and also grandpa that twelve without his longtime wife, Debbie Osmond.

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“I am specifically grateful that my to ~ Debbie has been able to be residence with ours children and has been such a powerful and uplifting influence on each one of our family,” the revealed come Third Hour in 2014. “Especially in her an excellent support the me in my stunner career that takes me away from the house so much.”

Congratulations to the Osmonds!

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