If your son is about to begin guitar lessons, you could wonder what the ideal guitar dimension for them is, given all the accessible options. This overview is draft to assist you price this question, with numerous other helpful information to aid you do the appropriate buying decision. Review on!


The right guitar should not it is in too big or too little for a child, must be comfortable come hold, and also must permit the child to easily reach the optimal frets. If a kid struggles to reach roughly the body of the guitar v one arm and/or have the right to barely reach the frets with the other – you require a various guitar.

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Ideally, girlfriend would be able to go to a physical keep with your son and try out several different guitars prior to deciding ~ above one. But if you are too busy to go etc shopping, live too far away from a music store, or just prefer come shop digital – no problem! You deserve to pretty reliably choose the exactly guitar dimension for your child based upon their age and also a few other considerations that us talk around in this article.

The 4 most popular choices for child size guitars (from the smallest to biggest) space the ukulele, guitalele, 1/2 size, and 3/4 size. At around age 12, most kids are grown enough to start using the full size guitar. Some manufacturers also offer a 1/4, 1/8 and also 7/8 dimension guitars, yet we don’t feel they are virtually popular sufficient to mention and also the sizes defined here are entirely an ideal and even preferable alternatives.

Having said that – let’s take it a closer look in ~ our options.

A. Ukulele | B. Guitalele | C. 1/2 dimension guitar | D. 3/4 dimension guitar | E. Complete size guitar

Use the table listed below to tell girlfriend the approximate age range for each type of guitar, along with length specifications. Although kids can differ rather a little bit in size, the guidelines in this table will absolutely work because that most.

Child’s Age

Recommended Guitar

Guitar Size



~ 21 in / 54 cm



~ 28 in / 71 cm


½ size

~ 34 in / 86 cm


¾ size

~ 36 in / 92 cm


full size

~ 40 in / 100 cm

Kala nylon-string soprano ukulele

Although technically not a guitar, the ukulele can be a great starter instrument for small kids. Kids as young together 2 can start plucking far at the strings and also experiment v the various sounds lock make. It is small, light-weight, and uses nylon strings, i beg your pardon are straightforward on the fingers.

An vital distinctive function of the ukulele is the it has actually 4 strings as opposed come the traditional 6 that the guitalele or various other guitars. This definitely makes it easier for youngsters to play, however those who arrangement to relocate on to a guitar will eventually have to do the shift to 6 strings.

Yamaha nylon-string guitalele

Another great option for little kids is the guitalele, i m sorry is right for 3-5 year-olds. The manufacturer Yamaha, who first introduced this instrument, explains it as “Half guitar, fifty percent ukulele…100% fun!”

As the name suggests, the guitalele is a type of hybrid between the guitar and also the ukulele. The is closer come the ukulele in the method it sounds and closer to a etc in its an ext mature shape and its variety of strings (6). Likewise like the ukulele, it supplies nylon strings.

1/2 dimension Denver nylon-string timeless guitar

Half dimension guitars room aimed at 5-8 year-olds, which makes them rather popular since many youngsters start taking guitar lessons in ~ this age.1/2 dimension guitars room tuned similar to real guitars, so kids get a real guitar experience with this instrument.They come in timeless (nylon strings) and also acoustic (steel strings) versions, though the nylon-string versions are recommended and preferred by many for learning.

3/4 size Denver steel-string acoustic guitar

The 3/4 dimension guitar is another very popular guitar size for young children and is finest suited because that 8-12 year-olds. Just like the 1/2 size guitar, it additionally comes in classical, acoustic, and electric versions.

The 3/4 guitar has actually standard guitar tuning (E-A-D-G-B-E) and, in ~ 36″ inches, is an extremely close in size and feel come the full size guitar.

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Although the classical (nylon strings) variation is still the preferred selection for most, some students in ~ this phase will currently begin using acoustic version (steel strings) to start preparing your fingers for the real, complete size acoustic guitar.