Corey Taylor‘s son Griffin and also Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan’s son Simon have shared your debut single ‘Asylum’ from their band Vended.

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The track, i beg your pardon you have the right to listen come below, has shades that Slipknot with the hard-hitting rhythmic patterns.

Vended’s lineup, i beg your pardon is perfect by Cole Espeland (lead guitar), Connor Grodzicki (rhythm guitar), and also Jeramiah Pugh (bass), performed their very first headline gig ago in March in ~ the Vaudeville Mews society in Des Moines, Iowa, wherein Slipknot to be formed.


The band very first formed in 2018, v Taylor and also Crahan posting videos of their team online consisting of covers of your dads’ band.

Vended are set to take it the stage again because that Knotfest Iowa this weekend and also Knotfest Los Angeles in November.

Meanwhile, Corey Taylor recently acquired into a feud with an equipment Gun Kelly after ~ MGK hit the end at the frontman at Chicago’s revolt Fest.

“You wanna recognize what I’m yes, really happy the I’m no doing? gift 50 years old put on a fucking monster mask top top a fucking stage, talking shit,” Kelly said the crowd.

His onstage diss come after Taylor appeared to dismissively point to Kelly in an interview earlier this year: “I dislike all brand-new rock for the most part. I the artists that failed in one genre and also decided to go rock and also I think that knows that he is.”


MGK later on said the beef goes back to a “fucking terrible” guest verse Taylor videotaped for him, i m sorry he ultimately didn’t use – a narrative that Taylor disputes.

“Corey go a verse because that a song on ticket to my downfall album, it to be fucking terrible, so i didn’t usage it,” he created on Twitter.

“He got mad about it, and talked shit to a magazine about the exact same album he was nearly on. Yalls stories space all off. Just admit he’s bitter.”

Taylor then responded to Kelly’s claims by sharing screenshot of a purported email exchange v blink-182‘s Travis Barker, who had actually executive created ‘Tickets To my Downfall’ and appeared come be interacting with Taylor on Kelly’s behalf.

Sharing the screenshots of the emails on Twitter, Taylor wrote, “I don’t like people airing exclusive shit like a child. Therefore this is every I’ll say: ns didn’t carry out the track because I don’t like once people shot to ‘write’ because that me.”

“I stated NO come THEM. Therefore without additional ado…. #receipts” the continued, before saying the this is every he’ll speak on the matter.

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