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Philadelphia 76ers facility Dwight Howard is conveniently one that the greatest centers in NBA history. Due to the fact that becoming the first-overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft, the 6-foot-10 athlete has developed into an eight-time NBA All-Star, five-time All-NBA First-Team player, three-time NBA defensive Player the the Year and tallied more than 18,000 points.

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Howard may not be the conquering shot-blocker or dunk artist he once was with the Orlando Magic, yet the 35-year-old is proving he’s still a serviceable big man. He’s played because that the Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Washington Wizards, and Los Angeles Lakers prior to he join Sixers critical offseason.

While Howard won his an initial ring v LeBron James and also the Lakers critical year, he’s feather to aid the 76ers victory the east Conference and bring house its first NBA championship since 1983.

Howard proficient pain last year as soon as his son’s mom tragically died. He’s additionally been the topic of part crazy rumors and hateful comment on social media. The being said, what is the eight-time All-Star selection’s personal life like?

Who is Dwight Howard’s Ex-Wife Te’a Cooper?

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Hold up, ns didn’t understand Dwight Howard was involved to Te’a Cooper. Pic.twitter.com/2tpc2kN8FD

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donovanreyno1ds) September 21, 2020

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Dwight Howard was formerly married come WNBA player Te’a Cooper. Cooper theatre guard for the Los Angeles Sparks, and the 2 quietly tied the knot after ~ the NBA bubble in Orlando.

Cooper evidenced she and also the NBA player split throughout an Instagram Live conference this spring:

?No, I perform not walk out with him. I?m not through him no more. Leaving it alone. I don?t want to see yall in my comments saying it no more.?

?Don?t include me come nothing that have to do v him. It?s end with. It?s adios amigos.?

Cooper is 24 finished her college basketball career at Baylor. Howard, that is 11 year older, has actually been the topic of criticism because of their age gap. Lock reportedly began dating when Cooper was a teenager.

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Cooper began her basketball career at McKeachern High school in powder Springs, Georgia. She climate played collegiately at the college of Tennessee before transferring come the university of south Carolina in 2017.


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